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Boost Sales Efficiency with a Professional Appointment Setter

by Olufisayo
Professional Appointment Setter

When your business is looking to boost the number of new customers and convert leads into sales, you need a professional appointment setter. Appointment setting refers to using a list of active landline and mobile phone numbers and calling those people in order to qualify them for the purchase of your products or services.

When a person expresses interest in making a purchase, an appointment is made for that customer to meet with a representative of your company either in person or on the phone through a longer conversation.

Professional appointment setting is a low-cost way to weed through a long list of numbers and refine it down to the people who are likely to want to do business with you.

There are many benefits to using a professional appointment setter, and an increase in sales efficiency is one of them. Consider these ways in which professional appointment setters could boost the sales efficiency of your organization.


Delivery of a Value Statement

When the professional appointment setter reaches a person on the phone, they are able to efficiently deliver a value statement. This statement is created by your sales team in order to draw attention to a particular product or service that you want to sell. The statement is short and to the point, and it is designed to intrigue the potential customer.

Appointment setters deliver these value statements in a clear and concise way, allowing the prospective client to make an immediate decision to request an in-person meeting. The value statement or value proposition is a bit of a tease of the benefits and features of a product or service that could benefit them as an individual or as a business owner.

The persuasive nature of the appointment setter makes the receiver of the proposition develop a deeper interest in what you have to offer.

In-person Discussion of a Proposal

A successful appointment setting leads to an in-person discussion of a proposal. It could be a proposal to an individual or to another business. The in-person interaction, whether or not it leads to a sale, informs the prospective client that the product or service exists in the marketplace.

If the client decides to look for that type of product or service in the future, they will know where to find it. The in-person discussion also sets the stage for a meaningful and lasting business relationship.

Busy business managers may prefer to hear a proposal in person instead of reading about it. When your company takes the time to meet in person with a prospective client, the client sees that you have made an investment in them.

This builds a sense of loyalty and connection. Deals are more likely to close when there is a solid connection between you and the client, and that connection starts with the work of the professional appointment setter.

Reference of Solid Leads to Experienced Salespeople

When an outbound appointment setting call yields an interested customer, the appointment setter can set up a time for the customer to meet with the appropriate member of the sales team.

If your sales team consists of people who specialize in a particular product or service, you can have the appointment setter select an available time with that salesperson. This allows the customer to get the most accurate and in-depth information from your top expert.

Customers can make an informed and confident decision about doing business with your company when they are able to meet in person with the most experienced salesperson for the product or service that you are promoting.

Allow Sales People and Marketers to Do What They Do Best

Not all salespeople are good at marketing. While a salesperson might do an excellent job at explaining the features and benefits of a product or service during an in-person discussion with a prospective customer, they might feel out of their league when it comes to making cold calls for appointment setting.

A flustered salesperson is unlikely to make a good pitch over the phone. Choosing a professional appointment center to make those outbound points of contact relieves the pressure from your sales staff. The appointment setters free up your sales team so that they can focus their efforts on the in-person meetings with potential clients.

Professional appointment setters are a worthy investment of your corporate resources. Having experienced marketers call the numbers on the list and use a computer database to track the people who are interested allows you to refer back to that list of potential customers at any time in the future.

Your sales staff can set their appointment availability at their own discretion in order to deliver sales pitches for products or services to the potential customers identified by the professional appointment setters. Your company benefits by allowing the most experienced salespeople to deliver the in-depth sales pitch.

This boosts the chances of converting an interested party into a paying customer. Customers appreciate the approach because they get to select an appointment time that suits their needs. Your sales team also benefits from a more coordinated and efficient approach to lead generation and conversion.

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Marcus Ramsey March 19, 2019 - 8:15 PM

Great article. I love the appointment setting approach myself. Before I was trying to make a pitch right when someone answered.That defiantly didn’t work. It makes sense, if you go straight into a pitch, you sound like a robot, Not only that but people are busy, so when you schedule an appointment you are doing two things, qualifying their interest, and then also guaranteeing that you can actually talk about all the points you want to talk about in a non rushed way because both parties are expecting that.

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