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Ease Your Worries, Call a Boston Car Accident Attorney Now!

by Olufisayo
Boston Car Accident Attorney

With a lot of things happening in our lives, there is always that chance that we encounter accidents because a person was too preoccupied with his mind and was not able to take the necessary precaution while driving his or her vehicle. And if you are one of those unlucky people who got bumped, then surely getting yourself a Boston car accident attorney will be able to help you in the next steps.

By being able to get yourself a Boston car accident attorney, you will feel comfortable enough that you are on the right track to recover damages and be compensated with the right amount.

Common Car Accident Injuries that You Might Encounter

Suffering injuries in a car accident can really be a pivotal point in a person’s life. Even so, if you just suffered minor injuries, yet the days or weeks of pain, loss of capacity to earn, and some other limitations can become very cumbersome. So, here are just some of the common car accident injuries that you might suffer if you do not drive with adequate caution:

  1. You may suffer head and brain injuries

One of the serious effects of vehicular accidents is that a person may suffer Traumatic brain injuries. And this trauma can cause long-term effects on a person’s life.

  1. You can have spinal cord injuries

This type of injury is going to be very devastating. This is because a spinal cord injury can result in permanent paralysis which will be impossible to cure.

  1. You may suffer from facial injuries

This is highly probable if you are sitting on the driver’s seat or the passenger seat beside it. This happens because the airbag inflates during a collision, or that the occupant hits hard on surfaces inside the car, thereby resulting in bruised faces, or broken facial bones.

  1. You may suffer soft tissue injuries

The ligaments and muscles are just some of the soft tissues that can be damaged when you are in a car accident. Soft tissue injuries that can occur in the neck include whiplash and this is a really common injury when one suffers from vehicular accidents.

  1. You may suffer broken bones

If the accident has a high collision, there is a big chance that you are going to suffer from broken bones from the different parts of the body, and this includes the face and the ribs. These two parts are the most common parts that suffer broken bone injuries when in a car accident. It is important that this be given attention to because it might lead to organ puncture.

Who Shoulders the Costs and Damages from the Accident?

At the end of the day, the party(ies) who was the proximate cause of your car accident should be the one responsible for paying the costs incurred because of such an accident. But this settlement is not outright. Chances are, it will take weeks, months, or even years before you can secure full compensation after such a crash.

So, when you have medical bills that will need immediate payment, then you should be able to obtain prompt compensation from the guilty party, you can also turn to your personal injury protection coverage in your own auto insurance policy or your health insurance policy.

Evidence Required to Hold a Person Responsible for the Car Accident Damage

When proving guilt, you will have to prove that the other party acted either intentionally, recklessly, or negligently. So, in order for you to prove that the other party has been negligent thereby causing the car accident, you will need the following proof:

  • Establish duty

You should always see to it that you were diligent in your duty of care to others on the road.

  • Establish breach

You should be able to show that the other party breaches the duty mentioned above thereby resulting in the crash.

  • Establish causation

You should be able to prove the breach of duty of the other party and that such breach of duty is the proximate cause of the car accident.

Is Immediate Settlement from the Car Accident Claims a Good Choice?

When it comes to deciding if you are to accept a settlement of your claim from the car accident, you should keep in mind that such compensation that you receive should be in an amount that is going to cover both present and future damages.

This is why it is best practice to have any settlement offer be reviewed by an attorney who has car accident experience. By getting yourself a car accident lawyer, you will be able to see to it that the claim that you receive is truly worth the damages and suffering that you sustained.

Ways to Prove a Party’s Fault

Below are evidence that you can show in order to prove fault:

  1. Police accident report
  2. Actual accident scene photos
  3. Images that show the damages to the vehicles in the accident
  4. The damage or repair reports for the vehicle
  5. Statements from eyewitnesses
  6. Surveillance videos if there are any in the scene
  7. Official medical records of the injuries that you sustained

Is Hiring a Lawyer a Good Call in Dealing with Car Crashes?

Of course, in filing for an insurance claim, you are not really required to get yourself an attorney, or a lawsuit from such a car accident. But, there are some technicalities that you may not be able to get a grasp which is why hiring a lawyer can be a good recommendation because you can ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

This is true especially if you are in the process of claiming insurance compensation because these insurance companies are going to want to settle in the most minimal amount possible. Thus, when you are in the middle of negotiations with your insurer, you should have your attorney by your side because they can deal with the adjusters on your behalf.

Another good point is that your lawyer can also lead you to a detailed investigation of your accident thereby getting a good collaboration with expert witnesses thus building you a solid case.

And because you are already relieved from all of these burdens, you can now just keep your focus and energy on your road to recover instead of constantly worrying about your claim.

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