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What Is a Brand Message and Why Do They Matter?

by Olufisayo
Brand Message

Nearly 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. This happens for a multitude of reasons.

The business owner may lack good business senses. They might have way too much overhead and not enough revenue. Maybe they just don’t know how to market in the digital age.

Sometimes, however, it’s because they don’t know the answer to “What is a brand message and why is it important?”

We’re here to answer that question. If you haven’t thought about brand messaging or how to get it across to consumers, you might be headed down a path of destruction.

We don’t want that to happen to you or your company. Keep reading for a quick guide on brand messaging.

What is a Brand Message?

Your brand message is, essentially, the way you communicate the value of your products and services to consumers. However, it’s not just about hyping up what you have to offer. Brand messaging is also about expressing your identity to the public.

You must use your brand messaging platforms, like social media, emails, ads, and your website content to tell consumers how you’re different than your competitors. How are you unique or better for your target market than other businesses in your industry?

Why Brand Messaging Matter?

Now that you know the answer to “What is a brand message?” let’s talk about why your personal brand message is important. Why do you need to broadcast your company’s identity to consumers?

Brand messaging, at its heart, is about building trust and credibility among your target audience. Before they’ll buy from you, customers need to feel a connection to your company. What reason are you giving them to buy from you instead of your competitors?

Content Marketing

The most common brand message examples include content creation. Using your content (blog articles, email campaigns, social media posts), you can define what your company stands for and for whom your products were designed.

Use your articles to build stronger relationships with consumers. Give them tutorials, advice, information, and tips. You need to show your audience that you care by providing them with something of value for free.

Brand Messaging Strategy

Aside from content marketing, you need to find a way to get your message across to consumers. More specifically, you need to find a way to spread your brand messaging in a way that sinks in. This can be accomplished with a memorable:

  • Brand name
  • logo
  • Tag line
  • Mission statement.

For example, when you hear the phrase “eat fresh,” your mind immediately jumps to Subway sandwiches. You need to come up with a short, sweet, and easy-to-remember slogan.

Finally, what is a brand message in terms of relatability? If you want consumers to trust your company, you must make it relatable.

An easy example would be a company that uses only green, renewable product packaging. In this way, you can attract environmentally conscious consumers who try to shop exclusively with environmentally conscious brands.

Want More Branding Advice?

Now that you know “What is a brand message and why is it important?” the question is, what are you going to do about it? Clearly, brand messaging is essential to your success. Take your time and work with a marketing agency to help you reach out to consumers and make an impact.

And if you’re looking for more entrepreneurial advice, check out some of our other articles before you go. Our website was created to be a reliable source of information for aspiring business owners like you.

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