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Business Branding Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

by Olufisayo
Branding Ideas

Branding is all about creating a strong, positive identity for your business and being able to apply that trustworthy identity to your products which are, in turn, more likely to sell. If the public can’t trust your business or aren’t familiar with your brand, then they maybe a little more dubious about using your services.

Branding takes time, there’s no doubt about it. But the more you invest in the branding of your company, its reputation, and keeping all of your brand assets organized and consistent by using Lingo, the more likely you are to stand apart from your competitors.

If you’re still looking for ways for potential customers to trust your brand, read on for some simple yet effective business branding ideas you might not have thought of.

Branded PPE

Today’s business world is very different. In just a few short months all businesses have had to adapt and overcome the challenges that COVID-19 has presented.

Whether that’s trying to keep afloat financially, reassuring employees it’s safe to return to work, or trying to assure customers you’re taking safety measures seriously.

Branded PPE such as durable branded face masks are a straightforward and effective way to advertise your brand and keep your customers and employees safe.

Re-evaluate your logo

Your logo is the face of your business. Are you happy with it? Does it give off the right impression? You may have cobbled together a quick logo back in the early days, but what about now? Business changes so quickly – does your logo still match your ethos and your message?

Playing around with your logo and making a few subtle changes can help your image to stay consistent and relevant. If you want your logo to be memorable, it’s probably worth considering some modifications.

Reassess your packaging

Whether you’re selling products online and need to send them in the mail, or you’re handling takeaway coffee and meals, packaging plays a huge role in your customer experience and your brand. Unique branded packaging makes any product instantly more attractive and exciting to receive.

Swap those boring brown disposable coffee cups for branded, eye-catching versions instead. If your packaging is of a high-quality, it shows that you’re dedicated to every aspect of your business and you take pride in your brand!

Remember the power of merch!

Whether you’re giving customers free gifts in their deliveries or you’re offering freebies as part of a promotional event, never underestimate the power of company merchandise. Branded tote bags, pens, water bottles, clothing, keyrings even air fresheners.

Getting your logo into the homes of potential customers gets you a step closer to a sale and building your brand. If someone has a water bottle with your logo on it and they head to the gym, the playground with the kids or out shopping for the day, think of how many people are going to see it!

Provide consistent customer service

It doesn’t matter how fancy your logo is, if your customer services don’t meet the requirements of your clients, then you’re not going to build the reputation you want. Ensure that all your employees are regularly trained in customer service and go above and beyond for every client.

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