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Brigadier General Martin Schweitzer Military Service Translates into Technical Success

by Olufisayo
Brigadier General Martin Schweitzer

Marty Schweitzer’s exemplary service in the U.S. military and his time spent working as a civilian have culminated in a highly successful career 30 years in the making. His management and leadership skills not only served to elevate him to the post of Brigadier General, but also recommended him for the role of corporate CEO, as well as advisory board member for a variety of organizations.

Mr. Schweitzer’s commitment to excellence and devotion to helping others have driven him throughout his career and resulted in a long list of professional accomplishments.

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Today, Brigadier General Martin Schweitzer serves as the President and CEO of Network Designs, Inc. (NDi), and also performs as the Chief Operating Officer. NDi is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and professional services firm that focuses on digital solutions for a wide variety of clients, including the Federal Government and commercial interests. The business has been in operation for over 16 years, and during that time it has grown to encompass data management and analysis, cyber security, website design and deployment, social media strategizing, and a slew of related services.

In his capacity as President, CEO, and COO of NDi, Mr. Schweitzer brings years of senior executive management and leadership experience to the table. He not only coordinates operations to ensure efficiency and productivity, but also oversees company strategy in order to maintain progress toward long-term goals. His personal crusade over the past several years has been to advance technologies in the workplace that drive productivity, improve human performance, and enhance quality of life for workers. This has played a major role in the direction he provides for NDi.

Mr. Schweitzer currently participates in several advisory boards for public and private sector businesses. He is a member of the Board of Advisory for the Red Gate Group (RGG), a SDVOSB company that lists retired U.S. Army field grade officers as executive staff. RGG provides innovative, multi-tiered services to government agencies and the public sector, offering core capabilities that include information technology, intel and operations, and science, technology, and acquisitions. Some of their many satisfied clients include combatant commands, defense agencies, and even the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Mr. Schweitzer also serves as a member of the Board of Advisory to Ballard Brands LLC and Ballard Hospitality LLC. Ballard Brands owns and operates several food brands, including establishments like PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans and The Original City Diner, as well as wholesale operations like New Orleans Roast coffee whose products are sold in grocery stores and featured in other establishments. Ballard Hospitality is primarily concerned with providing services and solutions within the hospitality industry to streamline management, increase efficiency, and improve quality of life for workers as a means of increasing overall productivity.

In addition to his recent work as a civilian, Mr. Schweitzer was a career military man, finally retiring from his post as a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army in 2014. Prior to that he completed eight combat and operational tours in locations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Panama. His last active duty assignment was as Deputy Director for Regional Operations, J3, Joint Staff, the Pentagon.

Mr. Schweitzer holds several degrees, including a Bachelor of Science from Old Dominion University in Virginia (1985), a Master of Science in Education, Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University (1995), and finally, a Master of Science in National Security Strategy from the National War College (2006), where he graduated as a Distinguished Honor Graduate.

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