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So You Want to Build Your Own Data Center? Don’t Forget to Include These 5 Essential Elements to Keep it Running

by Olufisayo
Build Your Own Data Center

Some companies, even small businesses, choose to build their own data centers rather than using a third-party. There are multiple benefits of such a move including the fact that you’ll have complete control of the data center and thus don’t have to worry about the risks that come with a shared data center.

However, you also need to recognize that building a modern, effective data center requires more than just a budget. The following are five elements you must keep in mind to make your new data center safe and functional.

Build Your Own Data Center

  1. Environmental factors

A standardized and predictable environment is a foundational block in the building of a quality data center. It’s not just about maintaining the right humidity levels and keeping things cool. You must also factor in fire suppression, power distribution, and air flow. Things like cardboard that may produce particles that may eventually enter the airstream and pollute the servers must be kept away.

  1. Security

Top security is mandatory when building a data center. The physical structure should be put under lock and key, and entry only provided to authorized personnel. Aside from door locks, install cameras and other security mechanisms to deter thieves and intruders. If need be, hire security guards for additional protection. Don’t stop at physical security though. The data and applications on the data center servers also need protection. Restricting access and issuing passwords is a good start.

  1. Policies

Controlling people is the most difficult part of any process and data center management isn’t different. One way of getting around this is creating policies for every process in the data center. Whether it is access or security, have an elaborate policy document dictating how everyone at the company is required to act. Some areas where policies can be critical include; data retention, installing new systems, and data center cleaning. Make sure everyone at the company has a copy of the policy and always update them in case of any changes to the policies.

  1. Redundancy

Like any man-made system, data centers can break down. For a fact, even those expensive data centers owned by the likes of Google and Facebook break down quite often. The reason Google is able to stay up even when a few data centers fail is that they are prepared for any redundancy issues. You too need to prepare for any eventualities. From mail servers to ISPs and data fiber links, always keep a spare.

  1. Scalability

Finally, ensure to build for scalability. Your company might need 25 servers today. But what happens in three years time when the company has grown threefold? You’ll certainly need more servers. Ensure that you have sufficient space within the data center to allow for the necessary expansion as the business grows. Other than space, you should also plan for increased power, networking, and storage.

Remember that these five points are just the start. Other elements such as change of management, monitoring, and accountability should also be taken into consideration.

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