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5 Communication Tools You Need For Your Business’ Success

by Olufisayo
Business Communication Tools

Communication and collaboration are two of the most essential things that you need to succeed in your business. There is an increasing demand to catch up with automation and technology since the world of business is evolving into a more modern workspace.

Regardless of where your employee is, you need to use communication tools to have effective communication and collaboration. Here are just some examples of the communication tools you need for the success of your business.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that you will find very useful for communication and collaboration in your business. This tool features threaded conversations with people in your organization individually and as a group while allowing voice and video conferencing. It also allows you to share documents and edit documents simultaneously as a team similar to Google Docs.

On top of that, it also features integration with different apps such as Trello, Microsoft Office 365, Skype, SurveyMonkey, Adobe Sign, Hootsuite, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, just to name a few. The platform is available on the web, PCs, Laptops, iOS, and Android devices.

2. Text Blasts

Right now, people are on their phones more often as compared to their laptops or PCs. Because of this, as a business, if you want to broadcast the promotion of a new launch of a product, you need to reach people through their mobiles. Email blasts are not the best solution any longer. To be more effective, you need to do Text Blast to your customers.

Drop Cowboy allows you to engage with your customers by sending bulk scheduled texts regarding your products or anything about your company. With this, you can reach your customers more and inform them of the news regarding your business.

On the other hand, there are communication tools that can send your customers’ digital receipts or payment confirmations as well. This will also give your customers some comfort with regard to the operations of your business.

3. Intranet or Social Intranet

The intranet is a private platform where only authorized users within your organization have access to it so it will not get buried in your emails. It is usually used to propagate information throughout the organizations and connect employees from different departments. It can contain announcements, policies, templates, reports, and such.

It can also be an avenue where people from your organization can post their work stories or talk to each other in a less formal way. You can start an internal blog for your organization to boost employee knowledge and morale. This will also let your staff feel more empowered and motivated to upload messages or videos.

As much as external marketing is important, so is internal marketing to your own employees. Remember that the happier employees you have, the more productive everyone can become.

4. Telephone Systems

As much as video and chat are important, you cannot also do away with the traditional telephone system to foster effective communication across the board. Currently, you can already use a VOIP telephone system for your phones in the business.

VOIP has several features that a traditional phone does not have. For example, you can do call forwarding and leave messages if you are not there to answer the call. These are features that will be useful for you. You can also do call conferencing and call transfers with a VOIP phone. In addition to that, there is also a caller ID display on VOIP phones.

5. Live Chat

Part of the success of your business is giving good customer service. To do this, it is not enough for your customers to reach you via call or email. You also need to be there for them 24 hours, 7 days a week. By having a Live Chat Agent, you can solve your customers’ problems right away.

You can actually have a bot settle the most frequently asked questions for your customers, this will allow them to experience live chat support. If they still need further assistance, they can be connected to a customer service representative in your company.


These different communication tools have changed the way business operations and communications are done these days. From having to be present in person for meetings, you can now do file sharing, group discussions, online video conferencing, and project collaboration online instead. It might take a few adjustments to get used to it, but after trying these communication tools, you will not go back to how you did it before.

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