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7 Reasons Why Business Conference Calls are Important for a Company

by Olufisayo
business conference calls

If you own or manage a business, you know how important meetings can be.

A few years ago, bringing together your colleagues and customers from around the world was very complicated, if not impossible. But nowadays, there’s nothing more comfortable, thanks to teleconferencing!

Research shows that 70% of employees prefer using conference calls because it can save up to 30% of the travel costs.

Business conference calls are an excellent asset for any company. Read on to see the reasons why they can be extremely useful.

business conference calls

What About Business Conference Calls?

A conference call is a service that provides simultaneous telephone communication of participants. There are Conference calls companies that offer these services.

An adequately organized conference is the key to a company’s success. However, a well-organized conference call is the key to a successful meeting.

How to Start Business Conference Calls with Google Voice

Here is a procedure on how to start a conference call.

  • Call the first participant in the conversation
  • Call the next participant. The first call will be automatically suspended.
  • When the second participant gets connected, a “conference active” message appears on your phone screen
  • Repeat the steps for the second participant

How do you end a conversation? If you’re the initiator, you can disconnect individual participants.

You can also end the entire meeting by pressing the appropriate button on the phone.

Point to note! You can find detailed instructions on managing conference calls your phone.

1. Save Time and Money

Every time you use the conference call to complete your meetings, you save time and money.

Think about it: no room rental fees, accommodation, and meals. Imagine the money saved and the time you save by avoiding trips!

2. Consolidate Your Business Relationships

Because it’s quick and easy to set up a remote conference, your business relationships become easier to manage.

A conference call can improve interactivity and strengthen links between your team members.

3. Technology that Maximizes Productivity

With conference calls, you don’t have to travel to hold discussions. This can increase efficiency and productivity.

Studies show that participants in call conferences are attentive than in physical meetings

4. Overcome Stress

Scheduling a meeting can prove to be a tough hill to climb. Therefore, telephone conferencing reduces the stress and anxiety of planning a meeting.

5. Phone Service Charges

Telephone conference calls don’t multi-charge the participants unless one joins the conference. Only the initiator of the conversation gets charged.

The cost of each connection established is in accordance with the price list of your tariff. Some conference calling companies offer free conference call.

6. What to Consider When Choosing a Service.

When choosing a phone plan, consider how often you plan to make a conference call. You can choose to pay based on your usage if you have a small business.

For large companies with frequent meetings, opt for a fixed monthly amount for your calls.

7. Audio Recording

Conference calling provides an “audio recording function.” You can activate it from the telephone keypad or the software application integrated in the Conference Call service. Once the audio conference is over, you can download the recorded file to your PC for reference.

Bottom Line

We offer tips on quality audio business conference calls services free of charge. Our services are simple and profitable for your business.

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