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Must-Haves for Your Business Website

by Olufisayo
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No matter what industry you are working in, it’s hard to build up a client base without a decent online presence and a website is vital in helping your business grow.

It will allow new potential clients to find you, inform them what you offer, and give them the option to purchase your goods or services. It can be daunting to know where to start, but you could search for a local company to help you, such as “web design Charlotte companies” for some guidance.

Here are some things your business website needs.

Clear branding

Your current clients need to land on your website and know it’s yours immediately. This means using the same fonts, colors, and logo that is elsewhere in your marketing. Having things clearly branded is also a great way of making it easier to come up with a design as you have a starting point.

About page

Who are you? What do you do? A good ‘About’ page should be an elevator pitch of what you offer your clients. You can then link to internal pages that speak about different services and products in more detail, but this is where you can also show who you are and why people should choose to work with you.

Contact information

Your contact information needs to be made really clear, as people don’t want to have to endlessly search your web pages before finding the right details to get in touch with you – this can be the difference between getting new clients, and not.

Make sure you have a few options on how to get in touch, as not everyone will want to make a phone call, so an email address or contact form is a good additional option. It can be helpful to put information on when they should expect to hear back too.

Technical aspects

There are some things that all websites need, such as an up to date SSL certificate and privacy policy. You should ensure that your site works on all browsers, as well as mobile devices and that it is easy to navigate.

This means having a clear menu structure and interlinking. Think about the user experience and get other people to test it out to ensure that it is easy to find what they need – people are quick to click off a site if they get frustrated.


As well as content on your pages, you should also aim to create some blog content on your site, as this will really help with your SEO. Writing posts about your industry, and the work you’ve done will help to show potential clients how good you are at what you do, but also ensure that you come up on search engine results too.

It can seem quite daunting to set up a website for your business but it is a vital part of your marketing strategy and it’s something you can build on as your business grows – you can always outsource the task to make it simpler and to ensure it is done properly. Do your research and explore your different options.

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