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Businesses That Are Changing the Industry

by Olufisayo
Businesses That Are Changing the Industry

A Whole New World

Consider this: you can build a prefabricated office somewhere outside the main population center for between $16 and $50 per square foot. That means a 2,000 square-foot structure is between $32k and $100k. Throw on a solar panel system and you’ll increase property value while decreasing your utilities overhead.

Make that energy production redundant with wind energy and a water turbine—build near a river. This will additionally create property value, and when you’re done you’ll be at between $50k and $120k. Comparatively, an office of 2,000 square feet that you rent centrally will likely not be available for less than $5k/month.

This means by building, in two years you’ve matured your investment. Now, outsource your workers to the cloud—this way the central office is more for management than producers. Customer service, payroll, and many business functions don’t require centralization in modernity.

Businesses That Are Changing the Industry

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device solutions allow you to outsource your office and the computers necessary to it. Through cloud computing you can run various applications, as well as a DaaS, or Desktop as a Service, model which gives employees a universal platform that is secure. Now bring IoT, or Internet of Things, applications into the equation for continuous optimization.


For under $200k, you can get your business off the ground and running. If you’re turning a good enough profit, within five years you’re totally in the green and into expansion territory. If you’re an established operation, using solutions like this, to minimize infrastructural costs, can save you tens of thousands annually—maybe more.

The internet has additionally made it possible to underwrite your effort through community funding, or what is being called “crowdfunding” today. One such organization is Plumfund where not only could you start a crowdfunding campaign free of charge, but you could also use their widespread popularity to promote your business.

Businesses That Are Changing the Industry

The best way to run such a campaign is to provide a product or service that is appealing to a target demographic. Then you want to continuously reach out through the internet and social media. It may make sense to hire a marketing campaign that uses SEO to reach people.

From there, if you’ve got a product which requires manufacture, you’re going to want to prototype it first and ensure your competition won’t try to create the same product. You just need to find the right company that offers such services.

The Startup Field Is Ripe For Harvest

Using the products from businesses that changed the industry: using cloud computing solutions to “float” your operations to solutions like BYOD, sustainable utility supplementation that is simultaneously value-adding and cost effective, and crowdfunding, you can get a startup into high-gear quickly and effectively.

When you can also outsource prototyping to professional organizations specializing in the latest technology, and reach your target market through cost-effective SEO-solutions, your likelihood of success in new business expands substantially.

There are always regulations and taxation. For the projections hypothetically examined here, you should probably double the numbers to account for such legal costs, as well as “factor X”, which is always lurking in the wings. That said, if you’ve got a solid business model, you’ve got a solid chance for success.

One last consideration: beyond crowdfunding, you may secure a loan for which you’ll need a “proof of concept”. Your business model has to be demonstrably workable in some way. Provided you can bring that to the table, in conjunction with the innovations today, you’ve got a high chance for success.

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