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Are You Buying a Security Camera? The Essential Things to Keep in Mind

by Olufisayo
Buying a Security Camera

Security cameras have evolved in the last decade. But not every homeowner is keen to invest in it. But the ones who want to should consider the features, technologies, and kinds of security cameras that are available. At times, keeping a checklist might become challenging. Having said that, if you invest money in a home security system, you must ensure that it caters to your purpose effectively.

Today, several companies provide you with advanced security cameras for your home and office. To know more about that, you can check out more about Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven. But before you finally invest in one, here are a few questions to ask the service provider.

Does the camera have an in-built SD card slot? Is it dependent on individual internal storage on the DVR?

With the development of security cameras, the devices you have access to have varied features. Usually, these cameras are available with a micro-SD card. You have the option to add memory cards of multiple capacities, such as 128 GB or 32GB, based on your need. However, it would help if you are aware of the cheaper cameras that don’t have internal models and depend on a surveillance hard disk inside the DVR.

Can the camera tilt or pan?

The new-age security cameras can rotate vertically and horizontally to cover a vast space around it.You need to know that the maximum angle at which the security camera can horizontally rotate is PAN. The vertical rotation is called the tilt. A few of the leading security cameras can tilt to 90 degrees and pan to almost 355 degrees. Also, the CCTV cameras can get rotated by the apps. Hence, if you wish to monitor a significant section of three-dimensional space, the security camera with an increased tilt and pan is crucial.

Does the camera have an audio and motion sensor?

Motion sensors are a part of smart security cameras. Usually, these cameras are not very popular amongst middle-class households because of the cost. But there is a section of people who are willing to buy it. A security camera with audio and motion sensors can detect and alert the homeowners of any unusual movements and sounds in the nearby area through the smartphone app. Do you want to get a high-end securitysystem to protect your office or home? If yes, you should purchase a security camera that has audio and motion sensors.

Finally, you need to know whether the security camera is easy to set up and install. Usually, wireless security cameras are easy to install and set up. It is because you don’t need any cables. Furthermore, the ease with which you can install a security camera gets based on the mounting and the positioning. The security cameras with sticky pads and a magnetic base are very easy to mount. However, screwing the camera on a wall is the best way to go about it when it comes to long-term use. Once you are aware of these questions, you can make an informed decision.

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