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Entrepreneur Myths: Common Misconceptions about Buying Used Equipment

by Olufisayo
Buying Used Equipment

There are many misconceptions about used equipment that hold industrial business owners back from buying used machinery for their factories. Many assume that used equipment is run down or dated. The reality, however, is that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When you buy used machinery, you don’t need to sacrifice quality and functionality for cost savings. New equipment and machinery are expensive, and used products can be equally functional and productive.

It’s time to debunk the myths about used equipment and outline the advantages of buying used. When you buy from the right retailer, you can save money on gently used equipment that operates like new.

Myth: Used Equipment Doesn’t Work as Well

Truth: Used Equipment is Refurbished & Screened

A lot of retailers are transparent about their standards when it comes to refurbishing and selling used equipment. When you visit a used CMM retailer’s website to learn more about used CMM equipment, you will typically find information on where they get their used machines, and how they refurbish and assess these machines before reselling.

Not all used equipment and machinery is junk. The right retailer will be able to confirm their refurbishment process and provide used equipment that is up to date and functional for the factory floor.

Myth: You Don’t Know What You’re Getting

Truth: Retailers Can Provide Images & Video

Many have the misconception that, when you buy used, you don’t know what you are purchasing. More often than not, this is not the case. Many reputable retailers provide images and videos of their used products to help buyers make an educated purchase.

If you are buying used, be sure to purchase from a retailer that has an online catalogue of used equipment so that you can browse beforehand and see for yourself how the equipment looks and works.

When you are buying used, it’s essential to purchase from a retailer that is transparent and provides sufficient information about their used products.

Myth: Used Retailers Have Poor Customer Service

Truth: You Can Find a Retailer That Will Provide Training & Repair

It is a common misconception that when you buy equipment or machinery from a used retailer that you are on your own after purchase. The truth is, however, is that plenty of used retailers will provide you with customer service during and after your purchase. Buy from a retailer who offers technical support and training so that you and your team can operate the equipment successfully.

Myth: Used Equipment Has No Warranty

Truth: The Right Retailer Will Provide Warranty

New equipment typically comes with a warranty in the case of a malfunction or defective part, and many believe that you lose this advantage when you buy used. Some used retailers may not provide a warranty, but others will offer a warranty with their products, even if they are for a small price.

Myth: Used Equipment Is Outdated

Truth: You Can Get Software Updates & Retrofits

Not all used machinery and equipment are old, worn-in, and outdated. When a retailer obtains a used machine to sell, they will often update it with modern software and advanced retrofits to ensure it serves the same purposes that a new model would.

Used retailers typically refurbish used equipment and can offer additions and modifications to meet any specific needs your industrial business may have.

Buying used doesn’t have to be a risk. Do your research and work with a retailer who can provide you with peace of mind that your machine is up to date, functional, and the perfect cost-effective addition to your factory floor.

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