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Can a Poorly Designed Website Impact Your Company’s Sales?

by Olufisayo
Can A Poorly Designed Website Impact Your Company's Sales?

Websites are an important part of any firm’s identity in 2014. We live in a switched-on digital age, and expect to find the answers to most problems by using the Internet.

Companies are there to solve problems. If you are a company owner, you will doubtless be aware of how you need to compete with others to get any custom.

These days, it’s pretty easy to set up a website telling the world about what you do. But a shocking number of business websites send out the wrong messages!

Can A Poorly Designed Website Impact Your Company's Sales?

Websites are not newspaper advertisements

The problem with some business owners in the 21st century is that they see websites as nothing more than an online brochure.

That is a terrible way of looking at a website. The World Wide Web is much different to printed matter. The Internet is a way to interact between people, and is an excellent tool for driving sales to your business.

When you read a newspaper advertisement, you can’t send it an email or press on it to find out more about the company. Nor can you share it with others, apart from maybe photocopying it!

Poor quality websites can impact sales

As with most things in life, there are examples of good and bad websites. But have you ever wondered how some new startup firms are successful, whereas others aren’t? One of the reasons is down to how their websites portray their products and services.

People visit websites because they want to find out if your company can address a problem they are having. For example, if you need a plumber, they want to find out if you can handle the work.

I’ve seen some shocking websites in the past, where business owners have used “cookie cutter” design. Some people have even taken to designing their website themselves.

Unless you’re a web designer, don’t design your own website! Stick with your own skills and hire some web designers in Perth to design your website for you!

Here are some other reasons how your website can impact sales:

  • Organisation – structure is key on any website. If there is no clear organisation, visitors will find it hard to find stuff;
  • Layout – web designers can create responsive websites. They are websites that can resize if viewed on a smaller smartphone or tablet screen;
  • Content – some people love to waffle on about stuff. Visitors would rather you get straight to the point, and get there fast.

Spelling and grammar

Another bugbear that many visitors have with some business websites is that content is hard to read. It’s usually because the site owner has neglected to get their text written by a copywriter!

Are your English language skills bad? If so, pay a professional to do the writing for you. Otherwise, you will portray an unprofessional image of your business!

I hope that this blog post has helped you to discover the importance of having a great business website. Feel free to post up any questions.

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