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How Much of Cannabis Edibles Are Safe to Consume Without Any Bad Effects?

by Olufisayo
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Almost everyone knows that cannabis edibles contain THC or CBD, but not everyone knows the exact amount that should be safely consumed without crossing the red line.

Broken down, the question is: how much cannabis edibles containing THC can I eat to not get high – if you don’t want to?

The fact remains that this answer is dependent on your physical tolerance level. But here are related things you must know so that you do not harm yourself by consuming too much.

Your body weight and genetic makeup among other things determine how your body processes the THC content in marijuana edibles.

Many edibles manufacturers attempt to include the suggested dosage on the labels of their products, but health and nutrition experts said the listed THC levels are only estimated amounts and not very actual.

To this end, eating marijuana edibles is actually dosing on marijuana and could produce unpleasant side-effects.

However, the level of potency to which a consumer can be exposed depends on the amount and type of cannabis edibles eaten, tolerance level, type or strain of cannabis plant used, and other ingredients applied to the product. The commonest types of edibles are gummies, brownies, bars, candies, tincture, and infused drinks among others.

The dosage of THC in edibles is usually measured in milligrams, so we have 2.5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg, and even 1000 mg.

Westcoastex.net has several brands and types of edibles with varying amounts of THC levels, but a beginner should always start with about 10 mg to see their tolerance level before graduating to higher dosages over a period of time.

It must, however, be pointed out that when products get too potent, then it ceases to provide an enjoyable experience to the user; so it is best to know your tolerance level and your exact expectations before eating too much marijuana products.

Experts advise that it is best for a beginner to try cannabis edibles for the first time when they do not have anything important to do for a while.

Since it takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours for the THC effects from edibles to set it, the user will be able to assess the time it takes effect and his body reaction or tolerance to it. Edibles work faster on an empty stomach, but experts say this is not always a good idea.

Beginners experience an intense body high and related euphoria when they start out on these edibles, but experienced users experience a sedative and calming effect which makes some individuals even deeply reflective over things.

SkunkOasis.com says users can feel the effects of THC in edibles for as long as 5-10 hours or more depending on their body weight and product brand among other things, but the body can begin to flush it out after about 24 hours while the THC be remained present in your urine for up to 7 days.

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