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How to File a Car Insurance Claim after a Car Accident

by Olufisayo
Car Insurance Claim

After being involved in a car accident, the first thing that comes to mind is how to compensate the damage. The medical expenses and auto service expenses could only be met with the help of car insurance.

An insurance claim is a request to the insurance company to make a compensation for the physical and monetary damage. This is the article for you to learn 15 secrets to settling a car accident claim and get the due amount.

Car Insurance Claim

  1. Is the claim necessary?

It depends on the severity of the damage caused by the accident. If it was just a minor damage you probably do not need any claim. If the repair charges are minimal and you can afford them easily then you should make a wise decision to deal with it personally. The damages that are difficult to meet personally should be claimed to the company.

  1. Figure out the situation

Check the site and figure out the cause of the damage. Intelligently observe the road and understand that who is responsible for the accident. Who and what is at fault? You or the other party? There might be some information that can help you out in claiming the insurance. If there is any dispute between the parties, sort it out at this stage. You might need an attorney for this.

  1. Gather the necessary information

Instantly collect the following information and note it down:

  • Car insurance policy number
  • Your contact details including name, address, contact number
  • The model, registration number and original papers
  • Location of the incident, time and date
  • The state of car or vehicle before and after the accident
  1. Read out the policy

Find the insurance policy papers and read them out thoroughly. Understand what the company is offering and what the policy says about the return. You can also understand the method to make a claim.

  1. Calculate the monetary damage

Ask the auto mechanic to make an estimate of the repair of the damage. Also calculate if any other monetary damage has been caused during the accident, such as loss of money, loss of job due to physical injury or other.

  1. Bodily damage claim

The damages include injuries and medical services charges. Consult a doctor to help you out in this regard.

  1. Collect the receipts for payment

You should have the receipts of all medicine and repairs. All the payments you have made and the charges should be in written form to be attached with the claim.

  1. Contact the right person

You might contact a car accident attorney or lawyer that can help you out in filing the claim.

  1. Contact the insurance company

Talk to your insurance company about the accident and ask them some basic things for the claim.

  1. Consult the representative

The insurance company representative will help you in filing. The company might assign someone to handle your case or you might contact with the representative who helped you in taking the policy.

  1. Ask questions

Ask the representative to translate and elaborate the terms and conditions of the policy. You can get the information about what would you get for the damage the accident made to you.

  1. Finalize the claim

You have collected all the relevant and required information that support your claim.

  1. File the claim

Fill the forms and attach the proofs of your investigation to complete the submission. This is the stage to submit the claim to the insurance company.

  1. Know what you deserve

As you have completed the filing. Now you know exactly what you will get in response of the claim. The company can calculate and give you an estimate of the payment you will get.

  1. Get the payment

When the claim check is received, get your car repaired and be careful next time!

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