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The Developing Chinese Smart Home Market

by Olufisayo

The smart-home lifestyle comes with a lot of comforts, easiness of managing the house as well as enhanced security. For instance, the technology provides security systems where homeowners can monitor the activities in their house remotely.

Other features of the home include automatic air conditioners, electronics managed over phones or computers, and elevators that are always at standby even before entering into a lobby among others. Believe it or not, China is currently benefiting from having such dwellings.

The Chinese market for smart homes is on the rise due to the increasing demand for security and expediency. It’s anticipated that by the year 2025, the market will increase five times to the $7 billion experienced in the year 2018.

Furthermore, by 2023, it’s expected that smart home appliances will shoot to 13.7% compared to the current 4.6%. In JD.com experienced 22X sales while their counterpart Smart Locks had 62X in 2019. Such statistics illustrate the rise in demand.

The white real estate markets are presently experiencing cooling off. With this, firms in such businesses have now begun to embrace smart homes as ways of adding value to properties. Nevertheless, there is a point making JD.com unique in the industry.

The company does not only concentrate on individual-house levels, but they also focus on residential-compound levels. The case is evident where property managers take the incentive of repairing broken street lamps with immediate effect.

The process of expanding the smart home projects is already rolling in JD Company. Nearly in thirty cities, the firm has signed with twenty-plus leaders. JD intends to offer loT solutions for the smart homes as well as management of such places. Facial recognition software, temporary QR codes, parking payment, and management through apps are among the plans involved.

Tianrun is evidence of the plans that JD has with real estate due to the installed JD smart home solution. Avenue Foch community located in Beijing is a place where families within the residential society will enjoy a variety of smart features like lights, elevators, and more that will be activated on arrival. Also, humidifying systems will also be fitted.

Likewise, JD is offering fully integrated software systems and hardware platforms in Caifu building located in Changsha. The features provided include smart parking, smart elevator, smart access, management apps, as well as parking payments.

The JD company is currently serving twenty-five million customers and brands as the leading company for smart homes. Besides, the firm has encompassed 400 more products coming from 100 different brands. His is according to the president of JD loT, Mr. John Zhou. He continues to state that the company is increasing partnerships and providing a choice in the fast-growing sector.

Besides, Cheng Jiang, a director of marketing in the TianrunTongtai estates, explains that JD has enabled them to deploy a loT of tech in their properties rapidly. The quick deployment comes from the comprehensiveness of the company. With this, the estate and residents now enjoy secure homes. Moreover, convenience and comfort for the customers has been improved. An imaginable lifestyle is now embraced throughout the properties because of the loT platform.

As JD Company continues to expand, objectives of growth all over Southeast Asia, as well as beyond the horizons, are still available. Moreover, the company is optimistic that it will continue garnering partnerships with various global leaders.

Thus, they can add to the globalization of e-commerce platforms. According to Richard Liu, JD.com firm has had a long way. However, it will continue to thrive under his guidance. Without any sign of slowing down, Richard Liu shall continue leading the firm to the height of innovation, as well as continue to excel in the very competitive e-commerce markets.

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