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5 Ways Clean Workspaces Are Good for Your Health

by Olufisayo
Clean Workspaces

Although you may not even realize it, having a work environment that’s conducive to getting work done is vital for your mental health and physical wellbeing, whether you’re the boss or an employee.

Here are five ways that office cleanliness is beneficial to you and your employee’s health – and they may surprise you.

1. Increased Focus

Before you even start your workday, clean and organize your space. Doing this will ensure that there is less clutter and mess to take your mind off what you should be focusing on – work.

In an office environment, there are already dozens of things to distract you, like coworkers, your phone, and the internet. Don’t allow dirt and clutter to catch your eye by eliminating them in the first place.

2.  Improved Productivity

You spend around a third of your life at the office, and your environment has a direct impact on your happiness in general. If your workspace is clean and tidy, you won’t get distracted by clutter, vermin, and other unpleasant sights and smells. But it goes deeper than that.

Nobody wants to work in a dirty space. In fact, studies show that employees who work in a clean, organized space are happier and more satisfied with the companies they work for, which makes them 12 percent more productive.

Finally, when office spaces are clean and sanitary, fewer workdays are lost to avoidable illnesses like colds and flu, which means more work gets done.

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3. More Positivity

Studies have shown that there is a link between a dirty office and mental exhaustion, but did you know that a dirty workspace impacts the way we interact with other people?

Studies have found that a cluttered, unorganized workspace is associated with people thought to be less conscientious, more neurotic, and less agreeable. That means that an untidy environment can negatively affect our relationships.

Having a clean workspace makes the work environment far more conducive to positivity, which boosts overall company morale.

4. Lower Stress Levels

A clean, clutter-free workspace makes work less stressful for everyone. On the other hand, studies have shown that people who work in a cluttered, unsanitary environment suffer from higher levels of anxiety and stress.

Just imagine the frustration of always feeling overwhelmed and having to search through piles of unorganized documents, stepping over clutter, and trying to navigate a dirty desktop – it’s no wonder employees in unclean environments are more stressed.

Being stressed at work also has a domino effect on our physical and mental health. Stress can affect our quality of sleep and eating choices, drain our energy, and cause fatigue and emotional exhaustion.

5. A Better Mood

The aesthetics of an environment have a huge impact on your mood. A clean, tidy office evokes feelings of calm, while cluttered and unsanitary environments can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Similarly, the sensory aspects of your workspace can affect your emotions, too. Things like unpleasant or uninviting smells can influence how relaxed and happy you feel and have a direct impact on your overall mood.

It’s clear that working in a dirty or unwelcoming environment can really weigh you down emotionally.

Photo by Maria Gloss from Pexels

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