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Join the Cloud: How Cloud Migration Can Save Your Business Money

by Olufisayo
Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can save businesses between 30-50% compared to on-premises hosting.

Cloud computing for businesses is now mainstream thanks to these huge cost savings. Companies of all sizes can slash their IT budget by using cloud technology. But how does cloud migration save them money?

This article outlines several financial reasons why you should run your business in the cloud.

Read on to understand how cloud migration works. Then learn 3 ways in which the cloud can impact your bottom line.

Why Cloud Computing For Business?

Did you know that 94% of enterprises now use some form of cloud computing? Even SMBs enjoy the benefits, with 82% seeing cost reductions through cloud migration.

Popular legacy apps like Microsoft Office are now available as online apps through the Microsoft 365 service.

Millions of users access this Software as a Service (SaaS) from any device. Their data resides on cloud servers which leads to real-time collaboration and easier backups.

How else do businesses benefit from using cloud technology? Especially to reduce costs and improve productivity?

Financial Advantages of Migrating to the Cloud

Below are 3 reasons why moving your business data and computer services online will save you money. Each not only has a financial impact but can improve your company’s IT interactions overall.

1. Cloud Technology Cuts Costs

Most cloud providers use a pay-as-you-go system to determine costs. Rates are comparatively low, with the likes of AWS and Azure charging less than $0.10 per hour for virtual machine usage.

Navigate to the provider’s cost calculator and choose a service like storage or computing. Enter approximate usage including data transfer, and a price will display. Compare that to your existing bill and you’ll discover some enormous savings.

Optimizing costs help reduce things even further. Learn more by reading the optimization checklist — check it out here.

2. No Upfront Investment

There’s no upfront capital expense if you use public cloud computing. Simply hook into the existing infrastructure and you’re good to go.

Those savings continue when you factor in no monthly SLAs to support your in-house servers. And you don’t need to worry about technical support as most cloud providers offer that as standard.

3. SaaS Apps Save Money

SaaS applications provide similar functionality to legacy software but with fewer restraints.

Instead of installing an app, your staff access software via an Internet browser. They can do this on their mobile devices as well as on a computer. That means they can work remotely just as easily as in the office.

SaaS apps are often less expensive because they benefit from economies of scale. Users can profit from monthly rolling contracts and support packages are often included in the price.

Software as a service also automatically fixes security issues because it’s a ‘live service’. This leads to less downtime which improves productivity.

More Cloud Migration Tips

Cloud migration can lead to a huge reduction in monthly outgoings and IT budget costs.

The pay-as-you-go model lets businesses predict their future spend more easily. It’s also a fraction of on-premises hosting and you don’t need to invest a lump sum for hardware. SaaS apps are more functional than legacy apps and they also improve productivity.

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