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Fake It Till You Make It: The Most Common and Highly Effective Habits of Exceptional Entrepreneurs

by Olufisayo
The Most Common and Highly Effective Habits of Exceptional Entrepreneurs

Annoying, and yet inspiring, isn’t it?

That person who seems to turn everything they touch into gold. How do they do it? Are they magical? No. They just know a few secrets you do not. Here’s what some of the most successful people in the world do to cultivate success in their lives.

Don’t Ignore Problems

One of the things that successful people do is they don’t ignore problems (real or potential). They face challenges head-on. According to New Jersey personal injury attorney, Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C., this is the right attitude. It’s what separates the mediocre from the uber-successful.

Unsuccessful people react to their environment. As a result, they’re constantly putting out fires, fighting with insurance companies over claims, fighting with their boss for a raise, hit with unexpected expenses they can’t pay for, and so on.

Successful people plan ahead by buying the right amount of insurance, planning their future out, and making contingency plans.

The Most Common and Highly Effective Habits of Exceptional Entrepreneurs

Fuel Your Vision

What do you do when you have a “big vision” of your future? Sometimes, when things get challenging on your path, you have to make a commitment to yourself to keep moving forward. You always find a way forward, regardless of the discomfort in the short-term. When you fuel your big vision with perseverance, and the spirit of “only forward,” then you will always, eventually, find success.

Be Flexible

Make a plan, but be open and willing to change it. You need a few set of plans, but don’t cast them in stone. You may find they need to be revised from time to time. They can help you map out major landmarks and figure out the big picture, but they’re rarely to be relied upon blindly.

For example, let’s say that you start out with a plan to increase sales 25%. You have your marketing plan set out, and you’ve got your product line set up, the manufacturing process smoothed out, and a distributor that can handle your expected volume. Then, something happens in your supply chain. Your 25% shrinks to 10%, and your other plans rely on that 25%. Now what?

A rigid plan will cause you to freak out to try to make up for the loss. A flexible plan lets you adjust expectations so you can alter growth patterns and keep the business alive.

Course correction is common in business. But, many business owners don’t handle it well. Learn, because this is what successful business owners are adept at.

Embrace Your Expertise, Outsource Everything Else

If you’re really good at something, or have an irreplaceable skillset, embrace it, cultivate it, and brood. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Be really good at one thing, and outsource everything else.

Being a jack-of-all-trades means you can’t further develop your innate abilities and get better at them. You’ll stay stuck, and so will your income.

Don’t Burnout

Burnout is common, and even romanticized in business. But, successful people don’t do it. Burnout means you’re working way too hard. You need time to relax and think. You need time to rest so that you can operate at peak output.

Jesse Whitis started his own business a few years ago. A shy guy, marketing never came easily to Jesse, and he’s had to learn some strategies when it comes to dealing with people and getting over his shyness.

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