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Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Car in Winter

by Olufisayo
car in winter

From roaring fires to Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve fireworks, there’s a lot to like about the winter season. One area to be more wary of, however, is driving; the colder months tend to bring some of the most challenging road conditions you’re likely to face.

Snow and ice may be the two foremost factors that spring to mind, but there’s heavy rainfall, fog and extended darkness to contend with too. Here are four common mistakes drivers make in winter – plus tips on how to steer clear.

Going too fast

Adverse winter conditions can seriously affect visibility and grip. While you may want to stick to the speed limit at all costs, easing up on the accelerator in bad weather could be the difference between making it to your destination in one piece and ending up in a ditch.

Take extra care on country roads that aren’t regularly gritted and allow a greater distance between yourself and cars in front to account for longer braking distances.

Avoiding regular check-ups

Is it about time your car was serviced? Whether you’re worried about your MOT or have recently passed with flying colors, winter weather puts extra emphasis on the need to regularly maintain your vehicle.

Checking your washer fluid and engine oil should be high on your list of priorities, while statistics show faulty brakes and tires to be the most common causes of road accidents between 2013 and 2018.

Use a mobile car service provider such as Allied Autocare if you don’t feel confident that your vehicle is running how it should be.

Not making yourself seen

Reduced visibility in winter makes it vital to make your car can be seen on the road. Use your headlights, fog lights, and hazard lights appropriately, and be more cautious of other drivers’ blind spots when pulling out from junctions or switching lanes.

It is possible to go too far though –turn your full beam down when facing oncoming traffic to avoid blinding other drivers and causing a collision.

Not packing winter essentials

While it is important to prepare for every car journey you take, there are several extras to pack before you get behind in the wheel in winter.

De-icer and an ice scraper are essential for clearing your windscreen, while a pair of gloves will help you use them without your fingers dropping off. A torch could come in handy if you’re driving in more rural areas – and don’t forget your sunglasses to avoid glare from the snow.

Do you consider yourself a good driver? Follow these tips to avoid common mistakes and keep yourself safe on the road in Winter.

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