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Four Common Myths about Modern Day Entrepreneurs

by Olufisayo
Four Common Myths about Modern Day Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is probably the hardest working and demanding field or act as well as one of the most attractive ones. Who doesn’t like to own up their own company, be their own boss and work for something which in the end is their own rather than working or having a job at a place where you just get your salary at the end of the month and nothing you work for is truly yours. This is the reason; anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur or is one, is highly respected and to some extent given subsidies and benefits in order to smoothly operate their startups.

Modern day entrepreneurship is not just about having strong personality traits and the will to be successful by fighting any challenges that come across. It also comes with a lot of myths and factors that one should understand and get clear in their minds. Myths about entrepreneurship can not only have a negative impact on the way you think and approach this art, but also can give you an entirely wrong concept about what it truly stands for.

Today’s guest post will be talking about four common myths that you will frequently hear about the modern day entrepreneurs.

Four Common Myths about Modern Day Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are risk taking freaks

This one might come as a surprise to you, but yes, the well-used and well-thought story about how entrepreneurs are the risk taking freaks is completely an actual myth and nothing more. This is because in their minds, entrepreneurs are the least possible risk takers, they might come out as risk takers, but what they do is actually very calculated and rationalized. This means that for people who might take the definition of risk in a certain way definitely does not imply on entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are not made; they are born

The age old debate about entrepreneurs and leaders not being born, but made, is also a complete myth. Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with the inborn skills or talents that you have. It is all about being educated, exposed and having the right frame of mind developed through training and aspirations in order to have something of your own. As a student, it doesn’t matter what field you belong to or what academic path you are on, you can easily become an entrepreneur who has his small start-up running towards success by having the right set of skills and mindset.

Entrepreneurs are over-confident

In some cases this might be true, but generally it is not. An entrepreneur is always looking to build relationships with people and have a strong network which could help his business grow. They will never come to you as someone who is arrogant and over-confident as they will not want to develop a wrong impression on you.

Entrepreneurs are versatile

With the exception of a few, many entrepreneurs are not versatile at all. This is why we see huge empires falling down the dust just because the owners were rigid and non-flexible in their decision making.

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