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Time to Up Your Company Swag Game? Here are the Business Benefits

by Olufisayo
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Are you looking to launch your new company? Or perhaps you’re searching for ways to promote your brand. In both cases, there is an effective solution worth considering: promotional company merchandise.

These items range from something as small as a memory stick to as big as an umbrella. The common denominator is that they all carry your logo and branding.

Though technology may be at the forefront of companies’ marketing strategies, promotional branded merchandise still impacts consumers. Apart from increasing brand exposure, promotional company swag attracts consumers because they are free.

But if you go deeper, you will discover different ways branded swag can benefit your business.

Continue reading below as we break down the advantages of branded merchandise.

Types of Branded Merchandise

Before we discuss the benefits of using branded swag, let us first touch on the types of merchandise you can use. The key to selecting the best types of merchandise is usefulness. This means picking items that your customers can use every day.

Here are some of the most popular choices:

  • Buttons
  • Bags
  • Mugs
  • Water bottles
  • Hats
  • Powerbanks
  • Memory sticks
  • Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Umbrellas

Thus, you must find a company swag store that can incorporate your branding in any of these items above.

Company Swag and What It Can Do for Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you are running a start-up or rebranding your company. Spending on branded merchandise can help create that company swag you need. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why promotional merchandise is a must.

They Make You Stand Out

First and foremost, branded swag will make you stand out. This is crucial, especially for small businesses. The same thing goes for companies with competitors offering similar products.

Branded merchandise can help you create a connection with consumers. This is important if you wish to connect with new customers.

Despite their simplicity, promotional items are appealing. They can create that strong first impression. This first impression builds the foundation for customer relationships.

Instead of giving plain white mugs, add some life to the items by covering them up with your company colors.

Cost-Effective Marketing

If you have a tight budget for marketing, branded merchandise can bring you the results without forcing you to break the bank. Promotional items become cost-effective marketing tools the moment they land in the hands of the customers.

When people use your giveaway umbrellas bearing your logo, they are practically marketing your brand. The best thing is, you don’t need to pay them for this indirect marketing.

Every time they open up the umbrella, people around them will see your branding. In turn, they can generate interest from other people. Their friends and family will ask them where you got the umbrella.

What follows are conversations. People will want to know more about your company.

Promotional merchandise is like a form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Increase Brand Recognition

As we mentioned earlier, branded merchandises remain effective in this digital age. It’s because can increase your brand recognition. The more people wearing or carrying these items, the more people will recognize your brand.

Experts say that 6 out of 10 people keep their promotional giveaways for up to two years. This means customers will get to see them for an extended period.

Subconsciously, they will retain your branding in their minds. In turn, they may mention your company during conversations that involve products and services that you offer.

Your name will be the first thing that comes into their mind.

Promote Loyalty and Retention

Branded products can also promote customer retention and loyalty. People generally love receiving gifts. Regardless of how small they are, they will gladly accept the items.

Handing out mugs, caps, or memory sticks, can be your way of telling your customers that you value them. It can be an excellent gesture to show your thankfulness and gratitude for patronizing your products.

Industry experts also note that about 85% of consumers in a trade show will likely buy a product from a company that gives promotional items.

Furthermore, promotional items add more life and character to your brand. Through visual information, people will easily remember your brand over your competitors.

True and Authentic

Using giveaway swags can help you deliver the message of your authenticity. This means becoming authentic to your brand and what your ideals are all about.

If your business is about making lives easier for people, giving something useful goes a long way. It helps you build an emotional connection with your customers. You are sending the message that you are here to help in any way.

In essence, these items can serve as extensions of what your brand is all about.

Generate New Leads 

Last but not least, swag items can help you generate new leads. During trade shows, handing out these items can become your perfect icebreaker. It is like handing out your business card, but only better.

Sometimes, business cards end up in people’s wallets and drawers. The next time they see them again is during spring cleaning. The worst thing is that they end up in the garbage.

But with items like bags, shirts, and umbrellas, you have the assurance that people will use them. These items guarantee that your brand will get mileage and exposure.

Key Considerations

When searching for the right merchandise, there are important aspects to consider. First, make sure to create a strategy that you will apply to the merchandise. This starts with knowing what your target market needs.

A good way is using popular products.

Another is determining if the merchandise is an effective carrier of your message. Is it something people will use in public? Or is it a one-time use that people will discard soon enough?

Lastly, never scrimp on quality. Sure, you want to limit your marketing budget. But never do it at the expense of quality.

Items with poor quality reflect badly on your business.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

By leveling up your company swag, you can promote your business to more people at a faster rate. You can send across your message and generate new leads.

But branded merchandise is only one way of beefing up your marketing efforts. Discover more ways by reading our different blogs and articles. We provide tips and tricks to boost your marketing game!

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