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Top 10 Construction Safety Tips You Should Know

by Olufisayo
Construction safety tips

Did you know that each year about 150,000 construction site injuries occur?

The majority of these accidents are falls. Contact with construction equipment is also a significant contributor to the injuries that workers experience. The profession is certainly a dangerous one. But things in the industry are not so bad as to make one wonder whether any part of the job is safe.

So, how do you stay safe on the job and go on to have a fulfilling career as a professional in the construction industry? Well, there are lots of guidelines that you need to follow, many of which deal with construction site safety.

In this article, you’ll learn about 10 construction safety tips that everyone needs to observe.

Construction safety tips

1. Be Careful When Climbing On or Off Construction Equipment

Most falls occur as workers climb on or off equipment. Getting stuck in the process is also common. Be sure to clean all mud off your boots before making a climb. And wear gloves so that you have a firm grip when grabbing onto something.

Keep a three-point stance as well so that you don’t lose your footing. Never stretch further than you’re grabbing onto handles.

How about jumping down from machines? Never do that. It’s when the majority of accidents take place.

2. Don’t Come Too Near Operating Machinery

What do you do when one of your colleagues is operating equipment and you’re involved in the next step of the job? The urge to stand close and patiently watch as they do their job can be overwhelming.

What’s the issue with that? Well, usually nothing will happen, but sometimes accidents do happen. For instance, a part of the machinery could hit you.

3. Be Careful When Around Fall Hazards

No construction site is without fall hazards. As a worker, it’s your responsibility to be aware of what fall hazards are in your site. Ensure that there are appropriate safety systems to avert falls from happening. Or make sure that when those falls happen, they don’t prove fatal.

Some safety construction systems you can make use of include safety nets, guardrails, personal fall arrest equipment, and safety cords. Shop here for a variety of railing systems tailor-made for your construction site.

4. Use the Right Ladder Height

What do you do when there isn’t a tall enough ladder around for the job but still need to get the task done? The last thing you should try is to use a shorter ladder, putting yourself at risk of falling. Whenever you stretch past a point you should, you destabilize the ladder.

So, what should you do? Hold off the job until you can find the right ladder for the job.

5. Always Have an Updated First Aid Kit Nearby

Accidents don’t always give you a warning before they happen, which is why preparing ahead of time is one of the most important construction safety tips. It’s always recommended that you have a first aid kit near in case the unexpected happens.

What about that first aid from four years ago that’s still got supplies? That won’t do. The medication is most likely expired.

Get an updated one.

6. Avoid Using Faulty Equipment

When you’ve got some work to do, it’s easy to think that you can use what’s available, regardless of its state. Using damaged items is a bad idea as they can result in serious injuries. For instance, worn-out electric cables can electrocute you, while a worn-out harness is no good.

7. Don’t Unplug Tools by the Cord

Understandably, you’re feeling tired after handling that electric equipment for hours. At the end of the job, you may be tempted to unplug the tool by giving the cord a good yank, instead of going over to the outlet to plug it out properly.

What’s the danger with that? First, it could cause damage to the tool over time. But even more seriously, it could cause injury to you.

8. Always Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

A construction site is usually a buzz of activities all day long. That’s why it’s so important for you to be aware of your surroundings at all times. You don’t think anything bad could happen to you while you’re calmly taking a break with your co-workers until something suddenly hits you on the head from above.

So, be aware of moving machinery, overhead lines, low clearances, obstructions, and underground utilities. One moment of unawareness could prove fatal.

9. Wear Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

Construction safety calls for wearing the right gear for the job. That means that you need to put on protective gear when you need to.

If you’re be lifting heavy objects, make sure you have a back brace to avoid injury to your body. People using dangerous tools and equipment need to wear goggles and gloves. Everyone who’s going to be working in an elevated area where the risk of slipping and falling is high should wear a safety harness.

What if you’re working in an area that has slippery a slippery surface? The best precaution is to wear non-skid footwear to prevent falls. In case the area has toxic fumes, ensure that you wear a breathing mask.

10. Make Use of Guards and Engineering Controls

Using the appropriate guards and engineering controls is an important OSHA safety tip of the day. What’s the use of wearing personal protective equipment only to have a giant piece of equipment cut off your leg because you didn’t guard the machine?

Never take shortcuts when it comes to the appropriate block out, tag out and lock out procedures. Ass the construction site thoroughly and install the proper engineering controls to avert any existing hazards.

Final Thoughts on Construction Safety Tips

No construction site is without potential hazards. But if you heed to the appropriate construction safety tips, you can prevent accidents and injuries that could hinder the smooth progress of the project.

Even though some of these tips seem simple, they could prove the difference between life and death. Putting them into practice will help you leave the site the same way you arrived.

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Walter Smith November 9, 2019 - 9:31 AM

It is important to have knowledge about the construction equipment that you need to buy. Know first the use, prons and cons, and how to take care of it. Knowing about the equipment can save you money and time. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips.

Taylor Wright January 22, 2020 - 4:02 PM

It’s good to know that you shouldn’t use a ladder that is shorter than what is needed. My uncle is starting a new construction site next week and wants to make sure there are no accidents that occur. I’ll be sure to share this with him so he can use these tips to make his site extremely safe.

Jesse Ford March 31, 2020 - 7:43 PM

Thanks for mentioning that most accidents occur when workers decide to jump off of construction equipment. The construction company my brother works for is thinking of looking for utility oversight services because his managers are contemplating accepting a job from the city to renovate all the electrical lines in a specific county. It seems like a good idea to consider hiring a reputable company that can help them be safe when working with utility lines.

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