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Recreate Facades of Commercial Building with Contemporary Architecture

by Olufisayo
Facades of Commercial Building

Advertisement is an essential feature of your business scheme. Without a creative and efficient marketing strategy, you can’t attract customers or expand your consumer circle. The modern industrial world has devised multiple mechanisms to win the attention of commoners.

Traditional ad campaigning recently got modified into digital banner ads, and companies have incorporated e-marketing and e-commerce to interact with consumers digitally. The modern customer is smart and only responds to subtle marketing maneuvers. But business people try using even the very structure of their shops to win over people. It’s the technique we call the redecoration of shop/storefronts.

The middle of the 19th century brought a radical change in the architectural illustration of shops and stores. People began to beautify the facades of their business places to enhance their visual appeal.

People started hanging awnings and bay-windows to attract any tramp or passerby. Large windows used to contain business products to arouse the customers’ attraction. These store/shop fronts sought to attract visual attention to the company and its merchandise.

It’s like passing a pie beneath a guy’s nose and making him smell its sweet fragrance. Let’s find out how you can apply contemporary architecture to renovate the façade of your business places.


The way you display your business affects the quality of your services. People respond to visual appeal quicker than they would listen to facts and figures. The façade of your commercial building tells people about who you are.  They get a positive feeling when they enter an artistically-constructed shop for the first time.

Providing visual comfort to your consumers is the highway to impromptu business promotion. That’s where shop fronts from Crucial Engineering help the struggling business owners.

The first impression survives and remains there for a prolonged time. If you wish to improve your store’s appearance, you need to use the right material. The style/design of the façade needs to be innovative, attractive, and in conformity with contemporary architectural trends. Glass and aluminum storefronts are fashionable nowadays. Before we delve into the labyrinth of modern architecture, let’s review some benefits of on-site construction.

  1. The work quality becomes manageable conveniently, and you receive swift modifications as per your liking.
  2. You don’t have to close your store for a prolonged period. On-site construction saves time and effort by preventing any necessary delay.
  3. On-site façade fabrication also saves you the extra expenditures called factory charges. You can receive a shop front pleasing to your eyes at an economical rate.

What do we call contemporary architecture?

What is the definition of contemporary architecture? We can define modern architecture as the architecture of the 21st century. There’s no dominant style/design because architectures employ different ones to construct buildings today. There are numerous conceptual and expressive forms of construction equally admired by watchers. These designs range from postmodernism (of the ’60s) to high-tech structural expressionism (of the ’70s).

Not every building can compete with Burj Dubai or Shanghai Tower in magnificence. But a “starchitect” knows how to create a gravity-defying and jaw-droppingly stupendous architectural marvel. Every businessman can benefit from the “Bilbao Effect.” The Bilbao Effect shows that ambition, glamor, and popularity can all get combined into structural design.

Architecture plus cultural investment can uplift the economic state of an entire city. Why won’t it work for a single retail store, one may wonder.

  1. Cantilever:-It extends horizontally, and only one end supports the whole structure.
  2. Ecocapsule:-It’s a self-sustainable tiny-home, a dwelling that is mobile and eco-friendly.
  3. Mirror treehouse:- Camouflaged by reflecting walls, it’s your natural hide-out in the jungle.

Characteristics of contemporary architecture

The identification of contemporary architecture is essential to construct it. You need to learn how to spot contemporary art if you wish to recreate it commercially. These are a few salient features of modern architecture that are easy for people to recognize. The modern architects rejected the old-fashioned ornamental Victorian homes to pursue Avant-gardism in architecture. The following characteristics make 21st-century art look unique and pleasing:

  1. Architects strive to produce harmony between nature and construction. They consider the human urge to be able to observe the greenery around the house. Such buildings have huge glass windows to separate indoor from the outdoor.
  2. Asymmetry and geometric simplicity mark the grandeur of contemporary architecture. Such stores are clean and aesthetic without the need to place exterior details. Simplicity adds to the tranquility of the indoor atmosphere with a speck of luxury.
  3. Curved lines and rounded forms help break the geometric monotony of contemporary art. Open floor plans and free-form shapes enhance these buildings’ unconventional volumes. Flat and overhanging roofs are also signatures of this architecture.
  4. Open floor plans eliminate the need to have multiple interior walls, and large windows allow sunlight to brighten and illuminate the indoor. Architects allow trying to create a sense of unity between different rooms.
  5. The invention is often vagabond and unexpected. Architects tend to abandon the norm to pursue creativity and integrate distinctive materials into their work. That’s why they apply different natural and organic stuff to construct modern shops/stores such as:

Unique materials for unique architecture

You don’t recreate the façade of a commercial building to highlight its visual appeal. Still, you also heighten the property value of the structure by redecorating it as per contemporary trends. The tenants can feel a sensation of living in an innovative place.

Customers don’t find themselves getting trapped inside a drab building. This type of architecture not just enhances the structure’s image. But the usage of fine materials has also become a cost-effective measure to promote your merch.

Architects nowadays use unique and complex materials to produce commercial building exteriors. These facades are presentation canvas displaying the artistic soul of the building. These storefronts also give onlookers a clue about the style, interior, and purpose of your merchandise. Various options are available to choose from w.r.t. color, composition, and even decoration. This material impacts not only the appearance but also the functionality of the shop. Some examples are:

  1. Corten Steel
  2. Cinder Block Walls
  3. Stucco
  4. Brick Veneer
  5. Glass
  6. Insulated Wall Panels
  7. House Wrap
  8. Concrete
  9. Mortar Plaster
  10. Masonry Walls


The 21st-century compels business owners to consider the physical as well as the virtual look of the company. It will be best if you enhance the appearance of your e-commerce store to expand your consumer circle.

Likewise, you also need to refurbish and decorate the shop in front of your commercial building. We’ve talked in detail about the material and techniques used in contemporary architecture. Let’s move on to review some examples of modern architecture in the world today:

  1. Nestle Application Group:- Completed in 2007, this building has an area of 700 m2 and is located in Queretaro, Mexico. Aviglass manufactured it under the supervision of RojkindArquitectos. It has a quadrate metallic façade that declares a sense of simplicity with grace. This building contains a system of semi-spherical domes fabricated from steel arches. This laboratory owes its beauty to cubic volumes with intersecting domes cut from beneath.
  2. Saxo Bank:-The building in the Danish capital got completed in 2008. Built by 3XN Architects, it won an international competition four years before the construction got completed. The structure adds dynamism to the indoor to enhance vertical relations. The iconography of the building is outstanding and is a remarkable representative of the bank’s brand image. Its green glass and aluminum storefront displays a cross between the ocean and the heavens.
  3. Synergasias Cooperative Bank:-This building, completed in 2009, attracts visitors to Kiti, Cyprus. Constructed with 1000 m2, it combines the concept of a public banking area with private office space. The architects put great emphasis on natural light inside the building. The building is along a busy street. But the bank’s construction creates a linear barrier to separate the structure from heavy traffic.
  4. Frog Queen:- You can find this Austrian building in Graz, the country’s second-largest city after Vienna. Constructed in 2009, this cube-shaped with pixilated panels has an area of 1400 m2. The black-and-white outer skin welcomes a visitor with an aluminum-clad façade. While the exterior is abstract and spatial, the interior reflects a conceptual and pictorial environment. The entire structure gives off the sensation of a perpetual volume-texture combination.
  5. The Yardmasters Building:-This Australian marvel opened for business in 2009. Architected by McBride Charles Ryan, visitors flock to view this beauty in Melbourne. It has an area of 1350 m2. Architects used robust materials to match the city’s everchanging weather, and its cuboidal structure resembles a jewelry box accompanied by a concrete front. There are exotic windows inside every room. Its refined tiling outline also adds to its exquisiteness.


Physical appeal isn’t enough if you wish to survive this highly-competitive age of marketing and consumerism. You have to satisfy your customer’s needs and requirements in both the physical and the find geographically. Your company’s website acts as an online/virtual storefront to attract digital customers.

The visual appearance of your company/merchandise speaks to buys. The way your product looks and feels leaves an imprint in their experience as a customer. The first impression of your company needs to be positive and excellent. These are the first crucial moments during which they’ll decide whether to approve of you or not.

The contemporary architecture allows business owners to express their commercial value via their storefronts. A mere at your office’s façade will reveal what your merchandising is all about. The usage of high-tech materials and postmodernist techniques have revolutionized contemporary architecture.

Architects now focus more on producing harmony between what is natural and what is human-made. This type of renovation and redecoration is now increasingly becoming popularly widespread. That’s why business owners can now easily afford to hire reliable constructors to refurbish their shop fronts.

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