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Content Strategies to Make Your Business Shine

by Olufisayo
Content Strategies

Content marketing is a strategy that has been around for years and continues to hold its place in marketing campaigns. According to a report, the content marketing revenue globally reached $42.15 billion in 2019.

As most brands employ content to grab the audience’s attention, it becomes important for you to stay on top of digital trends and understand consumer behavior to differentiate your content strategy in the marketplace. However, in absence of professional expertise, understanding how to leverage content marketing tools can become a challenging task.

Professional content marketing agencies like Zenpost offers a range of digital media services that you can utilize to connect with audiences and grow your business.

The article will look at some content marketing strategies that will help your business stand apart from competitors.

Content Strategies to Make Your Business Shine

Use Multimedia Where Possible

Videos, blogs, and infographics are the top three media forms used in content strategies this year. If your focus is on posting educational content, you need to make it interesting for the reader. Long-form content without any images will not be able to hold the short attention span of the audience.

For example, you can give an overview of the blog post with an infographic. If you are writing a how-to guide, a video demonstrating the process would be a good idea.

Create Personalized Content

90% of US consumers find personalized marketing content appealing. Today, consumers have a variety of choices. They want to know what you as a brand can do for them. So instead of generic content, your strategy needs to be more personalized.

For example, email content should consider any past purchases or searches made. Then, you can send your prospective customers relevant content and redirect them to landing pages depending on their browsing behavior on your website.

You can also reach out to agencies such as Presto Media to help you with your content strategy according to your business goals. Such digital media agencies work with professional content writers and assist in delivering quality content for your marketing campaign. Partnering with a professional can save your time and effort in creating relevant content.

Prioritize Readers

It is not advisable to put up generic or broad-category content on your blog and social media channels. Know the audience you are writing for. Understand what sort of content most appeals to your target demographic.

You can use keywords and other tools to analyze searches and write content around those searches. If the reader wants to know how to use your product best, give them that information.

If you are unsure what they want, ask them the question through polls and questionnaires. This could give your content strategy a direction and also improve engagement.

Leverage Podcasts

75% of Americans are familiar with podcasting. Big brands are making significant investments into further developing audio platforms.

The competition in the podcast market is comparatively low and the reason why you should capitalize on this opportunity now. Podcasts are something people can listen to when on the go. It is a more personal experience between the listener and the narrator.

Podcasts are a strategy that could help your brand differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Improve Social Media Presence

It is 2021, and if your brand does not have a social media presence, it would be tricky to drive traffic to your website. However, posting relevant and quality content on these platforms can keep your audiences engaged.

You can increase the shareability of the content by using catchy titles, taking a unique angle on a topic, using images and videos. If the audience finds your content appealing, they will share it, regardless of them being paying consumers or not. This can significantly increase your brand reach.

Optimize All Content

Your target audience is finding your brand through search engines and social media platforms. Therefore, you need to optimize all content you put out according to the platform you will be posting on.

For example, if you want to rank higher on Google’s search results, you must use relevant keywords appropriately. If you want to post on Instagram, spend some time researching hashtags that provide results. On YouTube, understand what kind of titles work and what descriptions drive the most views.

Focus on Quality and Not Quantity

With the amount of information available online, you need quality content to attract and keep audiences’ attention. However, if your content strategy is to post generic articles stuffed with keywords, consumers will not stick to your brand.

You need to offer content that adds value to their lives. Set realistic goals; if all you can deliver is 2 to 3 articles in a week, stick to that schedule and ensure top-notch content.

Content marketing can generate quality leads, boost conversions and retain consumers. Therefore, it is important to keep up with trends and implement them in your content strategy.

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