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Top 5 All-Time Coolest Logos for Startups

by Olufisayo
Coolest Logos for Startups

A logo is something that every company designs to represent their brand and the goal is for everyone to be so familiar with your logo they see it and they know exactly who it belongs to. Every business owner wants to have and create such a memorable logo. If you want some inspiration from the coolest logos ever designed, you are in the right place!

Keep reading to learn more about some memorable logos to help you spin the wheels on your own logo design.


Who does not know the big golden arches? Every child understands that this is McDonald’s way before they know how to read and write and even before being potty training! This is how memorable this logo is. It is so simple and yet so effective.


This is another simple yet effective example of a logo. This logo if you did not know was actually designed by a graphic design student of the name Carolyn Davidson. This swoosh is known worldwide and it makes it easy to understand that Nike is all about the swoosh.

This is a perfect example that so much can be said through a simple and well-designed logo even without words.


This is a colorful logo that has also become everyone’s favorite search engine. The fact that they used the color palette in each letter and still kept it simple by simply using their name shows that you do not need an image to represent your brand. It is possible to generate color palette from images and come up with the perfect colors for your own logo if you choose to stay simple but use the colors you love from a specific image.


This is another logo that uses zero words but is recognized as soon as we see it. More than likely you see this logo and right away think of a big red cart that you want to fill with all the latest trends and cute home decor!


Whether you are team Apple or not you will recognize their bitten apple anywhere. This is another example of a logo without any words but still speaks volumes and is known worldwide. This logo is typically associated with unique, sleek phones and modern machines.

Shout Out to the Coolest Logos!

All of the above companies deserve a shoutout and a high five for having some of the most memorable and coolest logos to represent their brand. All of these companies should be an inspiration to everyone that is in the process of designing the perfect logo for their own brand. Whether you are creating your own logo or hiring someone else you want to make sure that you choose something that can be timeless and will outlive you.

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