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Wow the Crowd: 7 Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

by Olufisayo
Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Looking for corporate event entertainment that isn’t going to put the crowd to sleep? Not only do you want people to attend your event but you want people to engage with your event and enjoy it.

You’re likely to have some seasoned veterans in the crowd that have seen a lot of different types of entertainment. Getting creative is a must if you want to hold their attention.

What can you do? Continue reading this article for amazing corporate party entertainment ideas.

1. Live Music

Music brings people together, it raising the energy of the room and if you pick the right entertainer, it can make your crowd’s day. While this choice might not be a new idea, it’s still one of the favorites and you shouldn’t throw it out.

Think of ways that you can put a spin on live music. Maybe you could have other entertainment going on in the background like a juggler or ribbon spinning.

Before you book live music, think about the people that are going to be at the event. Even if you don’t like the kind of music they like, you should make a decision to book live music that the majority of people are going to enjoy.

2. It’s Time to Hypnotize

Hiring a hypnotism corporate entertainer can be a lot of fun. Some of the people in the crowd have the type of personality where they will be up to the challenge. Others will sit back and watch as their coworkers get hypnotized but everyone is going to have fun — no matter what role they play.

3. Interactive Food & Drink

Let’s face it. One of the biggest reasons people come to these events is for food and drink. When you put interactive food and drink stations in place at the event, your guests can have fun customizing cocktails and enjoying fresh sushi prepared right in front of them.

You may be able to come up with some other food and drink ideas that you can work hand-in-hand with a local caterer. See if they have any ideas to make your event food and drink even more enjoyable.

4. Demo Your Product

Even if everyone at your event is familiar with your product, you can do some exciting presentations showcasing the product. You might be launching a new product and want to give it a proper welcome into the product line of the company.

On the other hand, there may be sponsors at the event that want to demo their product. You can set up a time where they can share how their product can help people that are in attendance at your event.

5. Hello, Celebs!

Despite how much many people act like they aren’t swayed by celebrities, there are some celebs that we can’t resist. While you might not be able to bring Oprah to your event, think about people that are Oprah-like in your industry.

While other people outside of your industry might not have a clue about who they are and why they are famous — your industry does. Think about people that have furthered technology that allows your company to do its best work. Or people that are larger than life thought leaders in your space.

If you have a large age difference in your attendees, you might want to bring a couple of celebs to make sure everyone knows who at least one of the celebs is. You want people to get excited about coming to the event to meet these people. 

6. Projections/Augmented Reality

With projects and augmented reality, you can turn even the most boring event rooms into a p-a-r-t-y! Yeahhhh!

While the selection of experiences used to be very limited, there are a lot of different choices available for your event now. Having entertainment going in the background while people are talking, dancing or eating can allow for an enhanced experience. 

If you don’t have large presentation screens and other fancy equipment, you can still put on a great show. Holograms are one of the coolest things you can do as of late. Your attendees will think they stepped out of the real world and into Star Trek or Star Wars.

7. Theme Hard, Bro

It’s not just hipsters that love a good theme, so if your audience is outside the hipster scene — you can stick rock an awesome theme.

When you do a properly themed event, you’ll not only have a few decorations here and there. You’ll also make sure the food, music and everything else about the event makes people feel like they are stepping into another world.

You may find some event planners that already have some of the things in place that will allow you to pull off some of the most popular themes. You might have to check around with a couple of event planners before you find the company that has everything you need but pulling off an event that everyone will remember is going to be worth it.

What Works for You?

Now that you have some ideas, which one is going to work best for you? Think about who is attending the event and what they like to do in their free time. Also, think about some of the things they wish they could do and bring their dreams to reality at the event.

Corporate Event Entertainment Win

Now that you have these ideas for corporate event entertainment, you can pick one of these great options and have everyone excited to come. Now that you’re finished with this article, why not keep reading and learning?

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