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Major Morale Boosters: How to Plan Unifying Corporate Team Events

by Olufisayo
Corporate team building events

It is no coincidence that companies who enjoy a good level of morale and motivation amongst their staff, tend to prosper financially and grow.

Corporate team building events can be very effective in pulling everyone together and helping to cement and strengthen the bond between work colleagues, who often see each other and their employer in a different light, after taking part in a fun and challenging activity.

Corporate team building events

Avoiding the cliché’s

For some people, the mere mention of a corporate team building event might have them searching for an excuse not to take part, but these events can be constructional and fun rather than a bit clichéd and awkward, as long as you get it right.

It should always be remembered that team building is definitely much more than simply getting a group of people together outside of their normal workspace and hoping they all collaborate successfully to complete a fun challenge that has been organised for them.

Fit for purpose

One of your most important objectives should be to establish what you want to get out of the corporate team event.

Knowing whether you want to simply boost morale with a fun day away from the office or actually address things like communication problems within the company, will help to determine the type and style of event that you are putting on.

Sporting events

If you are looking to organise a relaxed gathering where the emphasis is on relaxing in a more informal atmosphere than the work premises, a sporting event is often worth considering.

Depending on the size of your company, you might want to organise some portable buildings at something like a golf or cricket event, so that you can entertain everyone in comfort and provide a base for the day.

Golf provides a number of opportunities for example, as you could create a golf tournament between members of staff alongside the entertainment aspect of the day. Horse racing is often popular, and you can always plan any meetings or training sessions that you might want to include in the day, around the race meeting itself.

Treasure hunt

There are a number of high-tech group activities that would be suitable for people of all abilities and ages, which work well if your goal is to improve communication skills amongst your team.

With the use of GPS technology, you might want to consider planning something like a treasure hunt where you work in teams to find clues and collaborate in order to be the winning team that finds the treasure.

The power of food

Not every challenge or corporate event needs to be high energy and physically demanding, which is why foodie group activities work particularly well.

Culinary workshops and food challenges like creating a new cocktail or replicating a favourite food programme format, are all workable ideas that are almost universally enjoyed by all participants.

Never underestimate the power of food to engage people and with a bit of thought and advanced planning, it could turn out to be a great corporate team event that achieves everything you want it to do.

Team building events really can be fun and rewarding for employees and employers alike, so don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea.

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