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7 Tips on How to Create a Woodworking Business of Your Very Own

by Olufisayo
Woodworking Business

Being a woodworker may not be the most popular job in this day and age. Everyone wants to work with information technology and more modern ventures.

Not many people want to work with their hands and some people consider woodworking as more of a hobby than a worthy entrepreneurial venture. But in truth woodworking is a truly noble profession that allows you to use your creativity and have a lucrative business at the same time. You just need to know where to start.

Here are 7 tips on how to create a woodworking business of your very own.

1.  Do your research

Before you jump into any type of business, it always pays to know the lay of the land. Like any entrepreneurial venture, you will need to check on the likelihood of success, and your competition. For example, you are going into the furniture building business.

And if you want to really thrive as a furniture maker, you should know the current trends. What type of furniture is very popular right now? What niche market can you latch on to? By doing your research and knowing who you are going to sell to, you will be able to market your product more effectively.

2.  Define your brand

If you want your company to succeed, it will need to stand out. So make sure that you define your brand as early as possible. Decide who your clientele will be and what type of furniture you will be making.

Will it be luxury drawers and sofas for  5-star hotels? Or rustic style furniture for cabins? You should also define your company’s overall goal. That way you can set forth and start your company with the right mindset.

3.  Be a perfectionist

Aside from marketing your work, you should also make sure that your work is up to industry standards. Remember, people will be paying for your work. They will expect that your work will be of the best quality possible. So make sure that before you deliver your product to your clients, it should surpass industry standards. Be a perfectionist.

This also goes for your employees. Don’t just hire woodworkers because you need people to make furniture. Make sure that they are as passionate as you are when it comes to creating quality products. Remember that the success of your woodworking company depends on the abilities of your employees as well.

4.  Cultivate friendships with your potential clients

When you market your products to potential clients, you should try to create a rapport with them. Remember that there will be a great deal of competition in any business venture. As mentioned, your business will have to stand out if it is to succeed.

One of the best ways to do that is to cultivate friendships with potential clients. You can join woodworking groups and conventions. Through there, you can form a rapport with fellow woodworkers. You can exchange woodworking techniques and share in a common interest.

You can also join woodworking seminars and learn new ways to improve your product. Through these seminars, you can also earn the respect of your fellow woodworking entrepreneurs. Overall, when it comes to setting up a new business in any industry, it always pays to have as many friends as possible.

5.  Embrace modern marketing methods

If you want your woodworking business to thrive, you will need to embrace modern marketing methods. Gone are the days of newspaper ads.

Society is slowly but surely transitioning to social media marketing. If you want your company to stay competitive, you will need to know how to use social media in your marketing campaigns. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Create your very own company website. Setting up your own company workshop no longer needs to cost a fortune. Through website creation tools such as Hubspot or Wordpress, creating a website is not only easy but affordable as well.
  • Post images of your products through Instagram and other social media sites.
  • Run a giveaway contest. This will not only create interest in your product, but it will also earn you the goodwill of the winners.
  • Reach out to well-known woodworkers and have them review your products. Product reviews will always carry great weight with potential clients. If your product receives great reviews, then the likelihood of your product selling will increase.

6.  Be well-stocked with hardware

When it comes to running a woodworking business, remember that your woodworking team will be churning out furniture at a steady pace. If their hardware is lacking in any way, then your business will suffer in the process. So make sure that you have a steady supply of nails, screws, drawer slides, planks, and anything that your woodworking team will need.

There are companies that offer wholesale drawer slides, hinges, and fitting solutions that will make restocking your supplies so much easier.

7.  Keep up with industry trends

Like any other business, woodworking techniques and trends change. And if you don’t keep up with industry trends, you may get left behind by your competition. Make it a habit to check what’s the popular furniture designs of the year, and try to replicate it in your woodworking design. By keeping up with industry trends, you can make sure that your products will be up to date and sellable.


When it comes to setting up a woodworking business, the most important resource you can have is passion. Remember that woodworking takes a great degree of willpower and patience to learn.

It is a skill that can only be mastered through years of practice. If you are not fully immersed in your craft, your clients will see this in your work as well. So, hone your craft and market your work to the best of your abilities!

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