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How Businesses Can Create Better Relationships with Employees

by Olufisayo
create better relationships with employees

I don’t think that there is a single business on this planet that would want to create a worse relationship with its employees. No, businesses are always striving to create a better relationship between the top level and the employees.

The reasons for this are numerous: it reduces employee turnover, creates loyal employees, improves employee productivity, and overall, just makes the whole operation run smoother.

A business will never reach its full potential if there’s always tension or unresolved problems. People work together better if they can get along, or at least be civil with one another.

There are a few tried and tested methods and strategies that businesses can use in order to create better relationships with employees. Keep reading to find out more.


Training helps employees develop and improve skills, and most employees are eager to undergo training as they know that it will benefit them in some way, by helping them expand their CV or by giving them a better shot at a raise or a promotion.

For example, one unique form of training is to give them an opportunity to work in a new city where they can interact with people from different parts of the company, build a bigger network, and get exposed to new tasks and responsibilities. You can check out this guide on employee relocation to give you an idea of the costs and assistance your employees may require to ensure a smooth move.

Training also shows employees that you’re putting in the time, effort, and money from your side, which makes them aware of the fact that the company cares about them. Training now might be difficult, as you may have to adapt to the reality of training during a pandemic, but it is still possible.


You want your employees to be honest with you. You want them to be able to tell you when they’re struggling when they don’t understand something, when they’ve made a mistake, or when they’re going through something persona. But how do you do that when there’s always a division between different levels? The answer is you lead by example.

You don’t need to tell them everything about your personal life, but be honest with them if you’re having a bad day, or if there’s a problem with the business. Just ensure you know where to draw the line and not divulge any further. If your employees see you doing this, they’ll likely follow your lead.


Employees put a lot of time and effort into a business. Sure, some of them may only do their bare minimum, but a lot of employees often do much more than is asked or expected of them.

The least you can do is to let them know that you see and appreciate their efforts. You can do this in various ways. You can simply call them aside and tell them that, or you can go a step further and show your appreciation by doing something that’s fun for the employees, like hosting a pizza party.

You can even offer some healthy snacks for those who are very health-conscious.


While other forms of appreciation are always welcome, I think that most employees will agree with the fact that bonuses are the most well-loved way of saying thank you. The main reason for most people working is to earn money, so any extra money is always great.

Of course, you may not be able to currently offer them a massive bonus, but if you explain your situation to them and offer them a reduced bonus, they’ll likely still appreciate it. Click here for more information on bonuses.

Remain professional

When you work with employees, there will be times where you’re going to need to control your temper. No matter what an employee does, you need to remain professional at all times.

It’s also likely that you’ll come across more than a few employees that you don’t get along with, but you can’t let personal feelings affect how you conduct yourself in the workplace.

You need to set an example for everyone working beneath you. This will earn you the respect of your other employees. Besides, no one wants a reputation of being someone who constantly loses their cool.


One factor that comes into play a lot when people are choosing between jobs, is the benefits that they will be offered. Offering your employees benefits that go beyond just their salary is a way of showing them that the business cares about them and values them.

This will take the relationship to a more personal and also likely improve the employees’ sense of loyalty towards your business. There are various types of benefits you can offer your employees, so you can decide how far you are willing or able to go.

Employee benefits may also cause the employees to keep working for you, especially if the benefits are unmatched by other companies. Employee perks should definitely be a route to consider.

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