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Creating Unique and Compelling Animation in Los Angeles

by Olufisayo
Compelling Animation in Los Angeles

Animation is a global, multi-billion dollar industry. Most people associate animation in Los Angeles with television, movies, video games, and other forms of entertainment. However, animation studios in Los Angeles provide innovative tools for communication, education, and training. Animation is used for advertising, safety training, medicine, science, and education. Digital marketing agency, such as Austin Visuals, works with companies and organizations to create unique animated content for a variety of purposes.

Animated video content is used in business, advertising, public relations, education, medicine, engineering, technology, architecture, interior design, and many other industries. LA animation studio companies are experiencing an increased demand that has been growing for several years with no sign of that trend slowing any time in the near future.

Compelling Animation in Los Angeles

Animation offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness. Creating animated scenes and characters costs less than video production with live characters and props. When characters are created in an animation studio and distributed to your target audience online, the cost will be lower. This is attractive to startups and businesses and organizations with limited budgets.

Using animation for advertising is not a new idea. Consider the Jolly Green Giant, Keebler Elves, the gecko from the Geico insurance ads, or Snap, Crackle, and Pop in commercials for Rice Krispies. Generations of people easily recognize these characters and immediately associate them with the products they were designed to sell. Unforgettable characters become inextricably associated with the product in the minds of consumers.

Using animation makes video content more entertaining and is more effective at communicating your messages. Marketing messages have greater recall value when 3D animation is used in the content. Companies from small startups to large corporations are using animation in TV and web commercials, social media, and website videos to tell a story and increase brand awareness.

Education is another area where information retention is desired. Animation is being used everywhere from preschool to medical school, where animation is used to teach surgical techniques to future surgeons. Animation is helpful for teaching students new and complex information to increase understanding and learning.

The increase in technology usage in the past few generations has led to even more need for animated characters. You will now find animated advertising content, educational materials, and videos being shared on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and through social media. In order for messages to be shared, they must be unique, engaging, compelling, or motivate the viewer to take a specific action.

Whether you need a video for educational or training purposes, a product explainer video to demonstrate your new product, or provide safety training for your employees, animation can bring your story to life and captivate your target audience. A professional animation studio can listen to your needs, take your ideas and concept and create an engaging, informative, funny, or compelling animated video to convey your message in a memorable way.

When searching for animation studios in California, it is important to choose an experienced company with the skill and capability to handle your project. A studio with experienced writers, illustrators, 3D animators, directors, and producers will be able to handle every aspect of your project from concept and scriptwriting to completion.

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