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5 Creative Bio Examples to Spark Your Professional Bio Writing

by Olufisayo
Creative Bio Examples

Meeting someone for the first time? Your brain develops a first impression within a matter of 7 seconds. Reading about someone online is even faster, giving an average of 50 milliseconds to make an impact. 

Writing an informative bio will get you nowhere if no one remembers it. 

Use these 5 tips to develop creative bio examples to get noticed and appreciated. 

1. Use Quirky Tones

The best bios don’t sound autogenerated like you’re a robot. People want to enjoy what you write about yourself because it creates a human connection. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece of puns but using a conversational tone in a playful manner helps people get a taste of your personality.

Using a bit of sarcasm about your job shows that you can make fun of something you take seriously, you’re profession. To the reader, it shows you aren’t uptight, can handle stress, and will get along with others. 

2. The Middle Ground Between Vague and Too Technical

You may write a resume bio for a specific job, so you want to include all of the jargon used in the job description. While this might get you hits on a keyword search, it definitely sounds robotic yet again.

Don’t get lost in the technical side of your bio. Instead, find a creative way to display your skills and accomplishments in your own words. However, don’t be too vague. Add a word or two that shows you know your jargon.

3. It’s Ok to Gloat

There is a difference in being confident and sounding cocking when writing a bio about myself. One sounds proud and the other makes you seem arrogant. However, you don’t want to be modest and shy.  So, don’t leave out the self-love. Sculpt it to showcase yourself as a master of your craft with examples to back up your claims. 

4. Unify With the Company Message

If you are writing an executive bio for your company then you might have some limitations. You can use a template to make professional bios that adhere to the trend of the business. 

This will help you to blend in with the company image so you aren’t looking like an oddball outsider. Do, however, strive to get noticed within the company standards. You will most likely use the third voice as the company introduces you. Your education, work history, and current position and duties with the company will also be included.

5. Make it Personal 

All good bios (for companies or personal blogs) should contain a line or two about your personal life. This section can get a bit boring and random if you just list things you enjoy doing outside of work. Try to make a connection to your career that your reader will understand. 

For example, if you are a writer you can say, “When I’m not glued to my laptop screen I choose an analog approach by getting lost in a good novel.”

Using Creative Bio Examples to Enhance Your Career

The main goal of these creative bio examples is to get your professional experience noticed by potential clients and employers. Be sure to post your bio on your website and social media so it is easy for people to see a snapshot of your career and personality in an instant.

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