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Creative Ways that Beauty Ecommerce Companies Make Money

by Olufisayo
Creative Ways that Beauty Ecommerce Companies Make Money

Budding entrepreneurs must invest in various resources in order to ensure a successful online beauty shop. One is working with a reliable wholesaler like Asian beauty wholesale to determine the products you’ll need for your shop. Second, there are various web services like servers and a domain to create an online space, and finally, a creative marketing plan that separates you from other brands.

These methods require creative strategies to stand out such as:

Creative Ways that Beauty Ecommerce Companies Make Money

  1. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends

One of the most important things an online cosmetics entrepreneur has to remember is to stay on top with the latest beauty trends. Considering that the beauty market itself is an ever-growing entity, entrepreneurs must be willing to invest in tools that help determine what is hot and what is not. These include:

  • Using Google analytics in finding what type of cosmetics people usually look for
  • Making use of various social media accounts to get a first-hand experience on what is currently trending; and
  • Following online-savvy personalities like YouTubers, beauty bloggers, and local artists to get a gist of how they connect to their audience

After deciding which trend you can capitalize on, you can then proceed to strategize on how you can adopt this to your current brand and still make it yours.

  1. Invest in creative packaging

Most indie beauty brands were able to stand out from big name companies like Maybelline and Sephora due to the fact that they were use the power of creative packaging to their advantage. This includes investing in bottles, tubes, boxes, and jars that more or less express your brand’s identity and message.

For example, many organic cosmetics shops stood out from their commercial contemporaries thanks to their investment in using sustainable yet creative containers. If you believe your online beauty shop should have a bit of flair or quirkiness to its image, check out The Lash Professional for inspiration.

  1. Enforce your brand

This step refers to creating a lasting impact on customer’s minds before, during, and after providing effective customer service. For online marketers, this may include:

  • Aligning your beauty products to an organization that shares the same core values as you (such as wildlife conservation charities for vegan beauty shops);
  • Using customizable templates in creating email invites to give your customer a more personalized service;
  • Providing suggestions to your loyal customers on items they may like; and
  • Encourage consistent feedback and sign off with your brand’s motto

Each of which subconsciously lets your customers know what your brand’s overall identity and values are like.

  1. Position your product to your core demographics

A beauty brand can cater to various people. However, for small online businesses, the best way to gradually scale one’s shop is to first meet the needs and wants of their primary customers. If successful, entrepreneurs can then start expanding their product and service range to include other types of customers.

For example, if your cosmetics’ brand is all about using organic ingredients, then you may want to focus your first marketing strategies to this specific niche. Ensure that your products align with what they want in a product and keep their interest by providing regular updates and newsletters. Eventually, if your business starts to grow you can then expand to other ventures like providing lifestyle accessories that best fit with your brand. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t forget to consistently meet their primary market’s needs even if they do expand. They are after all, the reason for your initial success.

  1. Take advantage of digital marketing trends

We live in a world where modern day bloggers, Instagram models, and social media savvy people are the key influencers in getting everyday people to use different products. While celebrities still have a great pull in the market, smaller beauty shops tend to go for social media influencers because they are relatable, can easily be contacted, and do not require expensive contracts to help promote your products.

This strategy, combined with other digital marketing plans like content marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, and email marketing can help shape your business into a holistic entity. Nevertheless, it still helps to go beyond the box by incorporating traditional marketing plans like providing flyers, brochures, and samples in pop-up shops around local events.


With these examples in mind, one can certainly be able to go toe-to-toe with the most popular beauty brands even if they’re running a small and quaint beauty shop. Regardless of however big or small your business is, having a creative marketing strategy ensures your growth in the long run.

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