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Why Should I Order Custom Business Checks Online?

by Olufisayo
Custom Business Checks Online

A business should make a professional name for itself, and they can begin with the small details – their business checks.

Why and When Do I Need Business Checks?

A business owner needs to separate his company’s business from his personalized business, and that’s why he needs to get two different bank accounts to prevent intermingling your finances.

For a modern company, business checks are essential to the office for several reasons: to present a professional persona to their customers, vendors, and clients, and to give the company legitimacy.

It will help when they work with a bookkeeping company when tax season comes around, and to protect their company security from fraud. If you don’t have a separate business account, you may have difficulty persuading the IRS which are your business expenses versus your personalized expenses.

When Do I Need Business Checks?

Even sole ownership or a small staffed company requires a way to differentiate from tracking their company’s income (earnings) and outcome (e.g. staff’s salaries).

Why Should I Order Online, Not Reorder From My Bank?

Why would it be easier to go to your bank if you can fulfill your needs and wants from the comfort of your home? You don’t want a salesman to offer extra products or services then why you came to the bank (i.e. to refill your checks). Online is free from pesky salesmen and crowded lines.

It is the year 2020 where technology, data, and convenience are central. The Internet is high-speed, shopping is all online, delivery is faster, prices are cheaper, and products are most customized. Customers relate speed to professionalism, reliability, and confidence.

Research proves that the online purchasing options and national chains (e.g. Costco checks, Sam’s Club, etc.) are cheaper than those of National Banks (e.g. Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.). Online, you have the exciting opportunity to compare better prices. If you like custom checks, we’re the right address.

From your company logo to brand artwork to full-color printing to rush delivery, we put the custom in customers. With an online check refill order, you often are offered greater variety and selection from choosing a color, style, or even add your business logo when you buy checks for business use.

It’s important to have personalization options when you focus on your future high-quality products. The provider should remain committed to quality, security, and order fulfillment.

What Are The Differences Between Personalized Checks and Business Checks?

In basic terms, personalized checks are connected to the individual’s bank account, and business checks are connected to the business’s bank account. Business checks also demonstrate their communal, professional image. Personalized checks are the size of US paper currency, and business checks are larger.

Personalized checks usually have cute designs or with a special statement. Business checks usually have a design that is simple, functional, and in keeping with a company’s professional image. The business check’s larger size allows them to display the company logo.

Businesses are required to protect their documents, company, and clients from fraud, and the business checks will often have security measures, such as watermarks, void indication, chemical removing fiber, etc.

Business checks can provide larger space and more lines to put company information or additional information messages; these aren’t often on personalized checks. Personalized and business checks require clear delineation between their different uses and representations.

What Type of Business Checks Do I Need?

To choose which type of business check you should order, the business owner must define what the company needs and take stock of how the business works daily. By the way, every checkbook should provide their deposit slips.

  1. Executive Deskbook: An executive deskbook is basic checks which will be handy on your work desk for quick handwritten checks (i.e. 3 checks on a page). They offer seamless transactions and security features to protect client-company confidentiality.
  2. Manual Checks: These are also basic checks but with perforated stubs for recordkeeping on the left.
  3. Pocket Checks: A pocket checkbook will be useful for a business owner always on the go, traveling to work with his clients, customers, and vendors. It offers less space and its vinyl checkbook cover.


Order custom business checks online, because checks are still an important form of transactions, and online orders can be quicker, cheaper, and provide a wider selection of personalized choices.

You can place your company’s logo and address, because of business checks’ larger size. This will show your business’s professional branding and customization to your clients, vendors, and customers.

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