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Understand your customers better with Customer 360

by Olufisayo
Customer 360

Customer is the undisputed king of the market. As a business, you need to make sure that all your work and marketing strategies are centred around the customer. If your customers aren’t satisfied with the quality of the product they’ve bought, then you’ve lost the battle.

A happy consumer forms the heart of your business venture. No matter how big a business you own, you cannot take your consumers for granted. The moment your customers lose interest in the product you’re offering, your business will start going downhill.

Pleasing your consumers is a job easier said than done. The contemporary consumer happens to be a strange creature. No matter how stupendous and well-developed the product is, buyers will always succeed in finding a flaw. Finding limitations is a favoured pastime for many. It is a given fact that consumers like to criticise. A person won’t be able to talk for long while appreciating someone, but criticism can go on for hours.

In order to keep such situations at bay, it is advisable to understand your customer inside-out. In simple words, you need an approach which allows you to keep track of your target audience. It can be done using a host of alternatives. Companies use emails to target customers. At times, customers can be seen subscribing to newsletters in order to keep track of the latest developments within an organisation.

Here are a few tips to know what your consumers are thinking

Customer 360

Collect data to know what they want

Understanding your customers has become as complicated as it can possibly get. Fortunately, classified customer data allows businesses to keep track of what consumers want. Technology facilitates analysts to get insights from different kinds of data. The data extracted is huge. Also, data collected from various sources happens to be scattered.  You need storage space to preserve the data you’ve extracted. Scattered data isn’t easy to comprehend and cannot give a 360-degree view of the consumer’s buying habits. This is where Customer 360 comes into the picture.

Consumer 360 provides

  • It helps provide a comprehensive understanding of the ultimate goal for which the data has been collected
  • It also helps determine the source of the data. Everybody wants reliable data, right?
  • Helps outline a strategy for data extraction. Each of the data sources can have a separate data extraction strategy.Customer 360 comes loaded with a host of applications such as real-time micro-segmentation, account-based marketing, targeted marketing, customer retention, customization, etc.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate

The flow of communication should not break. As a business, you need to keep your customers in the loop. Get in touch with them over social media platforms and ask them for suggestions to enhance the quality of your existing products and services. Send them newsletters in order to keep them updated regarding the various developments taking place within the company. Maintaining healthy customer relationships is a must.

Take feedback positively

Always keep this in mind. No matter how well-developed your product is, flaws are bound to be there. In order to get rid of those flaws, it is important for you to collect customer feedback. Not only will it help you to keep track of the improvements, but will also let you stay in constant touch with your target market. Additionally, it is important to take the feedback positively. As a business, you cannot afford to say ‘my product is just awesome and my customer happens to be a fool’.

Data analytics is a great way of studying and coming to terms with consumer behaviour. You just cannot afford to take your customers for granted. Its consequences are bound to be catastrophic.

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