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Making Your Customer Communications Run Smoothly

by Olufisayo
Customer Communications

Looking after your customer communications isn’t as easy as it once was. There are so many different things to take into consideration. You have to deal with customer problems and make sure you’re exuding a consistent brand identity. It can be difficult, so here’s how to get things running smoothly.

Adopt Instant Messaging

Instant messaging services aren’t just for young people to use to talk to friends on, they can be great for businesses too. They can be used internally to improve your office communications. The whole business will run much more smoothly if you have quick and easy methods in place, through which employees can communicate with one another.

You can also set up an instant messaging service on your website. That will allow visitors to ask you questions about the company. It could also help in your customer services. If customers can contact you with problems via instant messaging, the whole process will move much quicker.

Develop a Unique Approach to Social Media

Individuality is what social media is all about. This is something businesses should keep in mind next time they send a tweet. In my opinion, it’s still all too common for businesses to take a very monosyllabic and uninteresting approach to social media. You have to make your business stand out if you want to gain followers.

Make sure your tone suits your target customers. If you want to connect and communicate with young people, it’s no good taking a boring and dull tone on social media. Give them a reason to take an interest in what you’re saying, and say it in a way that resonates with them.

Customer Communications

Email But Don’t Spam

Email marketing is a vital part of modern marketing for all businesses. A lot of businesses avoid email marketing because it’s now heavily associated with spam. And nobody likes spam emails. It doesn’t have to be about spamming though; there are great things that can be achieved through email marketing operations.

It’s a form of direct marketing which means you’re communicating directly with your potential customers. It’s important to make sure you don’t annoy them though, this is when it becomes spam. Have something new and interesting to say every time you send out an email and don’t send them too often.

Don’t Neglect the Traditional Approach to Customer Services

The internet is great for communicating with customers and the public in general, but there are conventional methods that shouldn’t be abandoned too. A good phone line system, well-manned by staff who care can be as good as anything else. If you’re setting up a new phone line, use 0333 numbers because they’re a lot cheaper than 0800 ones.

A physical and clearly designated customer services area is also important if you’re running a shop. People will often have to bring products back, and they won’t want to be forced to queue up at the till, so install a customer services desk.

Communicating with customers is more complicated than ever before, so make sure you put some effort into it! Hopefully, these ideas will have helped you.

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