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13 Customer Management Automation E-Commerce Software

by Olufisayo

E-commerce automation is software that converts your business’s operations, procedures, or campaigns into automation that runs exactly when they are needed. It is a way for firms to make better use of what they already have. Just like an essay writer crafts a perfect essay by using various SEO tools and techniques. Thus, many marketers also get overworked and deal with difficulties such as tracking engagement and chasing down unqualified prospects.

E-commerce automation is all about giving your team and yourself time and enhancing productivity. It saves your energy from high-value activities like retraining personnel, crisis messaging, dealing with HR issues, sales, marketing, etc. You can manage customers efficiently and save a lot of time by taking help from well-designed e-commerce software.

13 Customer Management Automation E-Commerce Software

Below are some of the best e-commerce software for effective customer management by the automation of lengthy tasks:

1.    Wigzo

It’s an extremely useful omnichannel marketing automation platform that helps numerous e-commerce businesses streamline their operations. You can run diverse B2B as well as B2C marketing campaigns through a single platform.


  • Personalizes and keeps track of all orders, customers
  • Assists sales-driven marketers in increasing ROI
  • Wizgo Automation Suite helps businesses engage and retain web subscribers through email, SMS, etc.
  • Wizgo’s sophisticated Machine Learning Algorithm makes product recommendations based on user activity and interests
  • Push notifications are designed and tested to reach every visitor after task completion
  • Facilitates with the integration of Twilio, Active Campaign, SendGrid, etc.

2.    Pardot

Marketing and sales teams can use Pardot’s advanced marketing automation to locate and nurture the best leads, maximize ROI and complete more transactions.


  • Increases the number of leads generated and moves them through the pipeline more rapidly
  • Engages buyers on their terms with dynamic marketing
  • Enables marketers to build meaningful connections and empower sales to close more deals
  • Keeps an effective track of your marketing ROI from click to close
  • Facilitates a consistent flow of high-quality leads through search tools. Landing pages etc.
  • Sales data can be turned into marketing action by activating campaign activity based on CRM data

3.    Eloqua

Eloqua is an Oracle cloud marketing automation platform that seeks to assist B2B marketers and businesses in managing marketing campaigns and generating sales leads. It distributes marketing messages via mobile devices, search engine result pages, email, and video.


  • Allows you to manage CRM, inform lead scoring, and conduct email campaigns through its workflow tool
  • Provides a marketing campaign planning canvas and email automation to target existing and prospective clients
  • Maintains track of prospective clients’ information in its database including job title, address, email, etc.
  • Can customize link tables to receiver personal reporting and keep track of email records

4.    Marketo

Marketo is an enterprise-level marketing automation platform that meets the needs of any company to expand and prosper. It is a cloud-based marketing tool for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their digital marketing efforts.


  • Aids lead generation by interacting with potential customers from the start of their customer journey
  • Automates cross-channel campaigns to tailor a lead’s experience to convert them into customers
  • Facilitates batch and real-time triggered emails
  • Provides efficient segmentation when leads behavior shifts and mobile marketing capabilities
  • Helps you discover your most valuable customers through CRM interactions with Marketo

5.    LeadSquared

It is a lead conversion and marketing automation software that streamlines the tracking and management of leads for B2B and B2C enterprises.


  • Activates highly tailored and relevant offers and communication campaigns
  • Helps in creating custom lists
  • Auto-responders help in keeping customers engaged
  • Effective lead polarization, automated sales and marketing procedures
  • Offers a developer platform where users may create their business logic and interfaces with a variety of business tools
  • Gadget design aids in moving leads through the funnel quickly
  • Helps in reaching out to customers via text messages, WhatsApp, self-serve portals and email, etc.

6.    Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing automation solution that lets you reach the right contacts with the right message in time.


  • Personalizes buyer interactions by looking at preferences and behavioral data
  • Creates custom segments, tags, and lists for sending emails timely
  • Predictive Sending allows you to improve your existing email marketing approach
  • Specifies the content for each customer using product blocks and producing conditional content
  • Facilitates contacting customers as soon as possible if their basket has been abandoned
  • Typeform, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Instapage, etc. are all compatible with it

7.    Constant-Contact

It is a sophisticated marketing automation and email marketing solution that aids businesses in acquiring, converting, and retaining customers using social media marketing.


  • Delivers targeted welcome emails to new leads who show interest in your brand
  • Categorizes your clients based on their purchase activity like current, one-time, best, etc.
  • Saves a lot of time through efficient email marketing
  • Allows you to drag and drop products from your business into an email and share discount coupons in seconds
  • Provides reporting that allows you to monitor how much revenue your emails generate
  • Helps you generate quick traffic through various social media platforms

8.    Act-On

It is a growth-automation platform for a large business that helps in improving client experiences. Act-on offers in-depth data for analyzing behaviors of the target audience and optimizing the marketing operations accordingly.


  • Combines and streamlines various marketing strategies to build a dynamic engagement program
  • Act-Automatic On’s program designer helps in creating an engaging experience for your clients through drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Allows you to develop. Plan and execute your marketing strategy while buying targeting buyers and combining jobs
  • Offer automated engagement programs to make the task much easier and speedy
  • Facilitates dozens of templates for landing pages, emails, etc.

9.    HubSpot

HubSpot is a very popular marketing platform that has an efficient marketing automation toolkit. It helps to integrate your online store data with the premier mid-market CRM, customer support software, and marketing automation for Shopify.


  • Helps you scale your business and spend less time on mundane activities
  • Improves your marketing by developing abandoned cart email nurturing, smart CTAs in content
  • Facilitates with product-specific re-engagement advertisements
  • Boosts your campaigns by adding workflows to automate repetitive manual tasks
  • Provides efficient list segmentation and workflows
  • Quite easy to use and create customized designs

10. Drip

It is a full-featured marketing automation tool for B2C that helps in increasing your income and engagement. You can send tailored emails to new and returning customers quite smoothly.


  • Provides extensive tracking, strong email marketing automation, and hyper-segmentation
  • Helps in creating visual workflows for various campaigns and managing leads
  • Provides a smooth experience from page visits to email opens, ad clicks to cart adds
  • Offers a clear insight into the useful metrics
  • Facilitates with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Allows sending targeted email messages, broadcast emails, and one-off emails
  • Facebook, Drift, FOMO, Textiful are all integrated

11. NetSuite

It is a cloud-based oracle inventory and order management system designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. It is highly efficient for managing orders and provides amazing automation features.


  • Facilitates direct shipment from warehouses, drop-ship, store-fulfillment, etc.
  • Effective invoice creation and billing administration
  • Establishes customer-specific and currency-specific pricing to maximize profits
  • Incentive compensation gives your sales force complete visibility into current sales incentives and allows you to design highly targeted campaigns with enticing content and even target certain areas of your list to maximize your open rates
  • Provides an up-to-date data due to cloud-based software
  • Everything including contacts, meeting records, and product and service categories in a logical manner

12. Magento

It is an open-source platform built on the Zend Framework and MVC architecture. It has been well-designed to support both front-end and back-end development.


  • Offers two different editions; Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition
  • A highly customizable e-commerce platform that allows developers to change the code to suit their needs
  • Facilitates incorporating contemporary approaches and out-of-box capabilities to develop websites that perform effectively
  • No fees are required for accessing its website features
  • Allows shopping carts, goods, and brands to be easily customized
  • Provides built-in SEO tools and support for SEO outcomes
  • The majority of features are simple to customize and integrate

13. Veeqo

It enables expanding organizations to manage their inventory supply chain from ordering and inputting products through shipping and order fulfillment. It meets all of your inventory management requirements and includes useful automation and add-ons to improve customer satisfaction.


  • Changes your sales channel in real-time as per needs; transferring goods, selling, or buying
  • Tracks goods in-stock and available across different retail outlets and warehouses, including Amazon FBA
  • Helps to transfer inventory across locations quickly and easily while keeping track of incoming and leaving units by location
  • Transfers inventory across locations quickly and easily while keeping track of incoming and leaving units by location
  • Helps in keeping your inventory accurate without shutting down your warehouse
  • Veego’s barcode scanner and Android/iOS smartphone app are both available
  • Helps you make tiny adjustments to your inventory levels quickly


You can automate many tasks like streamlining tracking and reporting, standardizing visual merchandising, tagging customers for marketing and segmentation, etc. with the help of e-commerce software. It enhances the workflow, brings greater ease, and saves a lot of your time.

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