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Customer Success | Is It A Real Panacea?

by Olufisayo
Why Is Customer Success So Important

Customer Success does not lose its sturdy positions nowadays. It becomes even more spread representing the so-called effective tool necessary for the significant improvement of your customer happiness level. Many of you may be curious about the reason why this is literally of vital importance and the explanation is very obvious indeed as any of the products you offer may require an accurate follow-up and step-by-step guidance.

These aspects can guarantee that the customer will get the desired value, and here is the time when Customer Success takes the first place and concierge onboarding, the well-known Customer Success style is one of the key components here. It promotes keeping customers close maintaining their loyalty. Shortly saying, 1-on-1 cooperation is always more beneficial. (1)

It is also stated that Customer Success is an immense well-developed system which is controlled by the experts and their main aim is to assist customers in everything concerning receiving the best out the product you work with. In order to determine Customer Success, it’s compulsory to identify what exact associations your customer have regarding this. Definitely, everybody has its own view, thus, the methodologies that you may need to use will vary greatly depending on the company you cooperate with. (1)

Why Is Customer Success So Important

Very often newbies make a big mistake considering Customer Success to be just a part of customer support. Actually, it’s an approach that leads to the super active examination of the particular object and further persistent work with your customer. One of the hardest tasks here lies in converting trial users into your paying customers. Remember always keep them in touch with the latest updates and when they steadily receive value from the services you provide they will stay with you. Customer Success includes convincing that all the new signups have been set up successfully and the value of the product is seen distinctly.

A huge number of companies are willing to get a real life feedback and manage cases in order for accurate guidance of your special product roadmap necessary for naming and engaging at-risk accounts. This is a must-have step so to prevent churn.

When we speak about Customer Success we also mean its main components for a right business strategy such as sales, marketing, products, support etc.

How Is Everything Set Up?

As soon as your customer gets the Desired Outcome with the means of collaborations with your team and company you can consider that the task is well done. Customer Success should be your priority and you should think about it while creating and promoting marketing campaigns, learning everything about your ideal customer model, arranging the sales process and more. (2)  It is highly recommended by professionals to ensure all the initial interactions from the very first marketing actions, even on the first outreach message etc. and all this continues constantly. Customer Success is indispensable for proper understanding the customer experience. This is the key to know how exactly your product or services are used from their point of view. In a nutshell, this important customer experience mostly concentrates on the how and the why.

Main Features

Customer Success consists of the following components that are connected tightly. The first of them is Customer Success solution which is represented in the form of a software platform, for instance, and its task is to collect the diverse data, in addition, this information will be visible. Here we can also add the multiple advanced communications tools as well as workflows.  It must be said that the above-mentioned software is capable of making connections with your CRM software and your product. Then goes Customer Success strategy which leads us to an effective organization-level approach which has to be very tactical. (3)

The another required part is CS support as it is aimed to take the software and build upon it. As a result, it is possible to grow into a truly reliable partner for businesses. That is why Customer Success has to be penetrated into literally every phase of your business while the second one is developing a powerful strategy that estimates customers’ success level.

In order to define the given strategy, it is necessary to build a CS map. You can do this giving yourself the answers regarding the general picture of the current customer experience, the possible positive changes it could bring your customers. It is wise to undertake the investigation concerning the existing content and communications channels that meet your customers’ tastes and needs. In addition, don’t forget about suitable rhythm when it goes about customers engagement. (3)

Customer Success Team

The Customer Success team plays the significant role as its every member will do his best to move your company to the proactive state. Customer Success solution we have been talking above is also applied in the different ways here. The product team works on producing the tools the particular user is eager to get. The marketing team in its turn delivers the totally suitable types of leads. People working in sales team build a plan how to put the product, which way would turn out to be the most effective. Moreover, the team carries about the fact that every customer is engaged in a proper way as this detail really helps to meet the value which is desired. In other words, the Customer Success team members are always there to analyze thoroughly all the available data and then practice the numerous smart ways to use it so to ensure the most prominent customers’ experience ever. Though the principles look to be the same, every Customer Success team looks different in every company. The determinative reason may be the organization-level approach as well as the chosen Customer Success organization you prefer.

Furthermore, there can be the following departments:

– Sales engineers, pre-sales. They always take part in the sales cycle and they work with the account executives.

– Professional services are occupied with efficient customers software customization, training.

– Customer Success managers are focused on who sustain and develop accounts. (3)

– Learning team is there to assist with conforming practices, knowledge databases, diverse webinars etc. to increase active product usage.

Why Is Customer Success So Important? 

Nowadays more and more top-notch SaaS companies tell the secrets of Customer Success process. Why not benefit from this right away? Customer Success is featured with such a prominence as it can lead to various company gains and significant business success which grows constantly. That is why in case a company uses Customer Success as the helpful running model, they will not skip any single aspect of the customer lifecycle. Making your customers happy means getting repeat customers.


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