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RQC Group Launches Cybersecurity Courses in the UK and US

by Olufisayo
Cybersecurity Courses

US and UK-based firm law firm and compliance consultancy, RQC Group, has just launched a round of cybersecurity courses that can be accessed via eLearning.

The announcement comes after the firm has produced a series of other eLearning courses for other types of regulation including SEC, FCA, SMCR compliance, and anti-money laundering.

With cybersecurity courses available from the RQC Group, they range from £20.00 to £45.00 and cover cybersecurity as a whole, and not just from a financial and compliance perspective. The fully online courses cover cybersecurity training at introductory, comprehensive, and advanced levels.

The cybersecurity industry has grown tremendously in recent years, with the rise of company data breaches, phishing scams, hacking and malware viruses, especially with the growth of cyber attacks when working from home.

A recent article by CISO Mag valued the UK’s cybersecurity industry at £8.3 billion per year (approximately $10.8 billion) and cyber-attacks are costing UK businesses approximately £34 million per year – in order to reconcile their IT security or overcome physical and financial damages to their business.

A potential data leak or hack can be hugely detrimental to a business, with vast reputational damage and huge costs to overcome any legal battles or restore the business to its original self.

The RQC Group acknowledges the role of cybersecurity within a financial setting and how it is important for businesses of all sizes to be aware of cyber risks and to share this with any clients they work with. By offering a fully online course, it makes this information accessible and available to a wider audience.

“The main benefit of eLearning courses is that they can be accessed any place, anytime or anywhere, making them very efficient during covid,” explained a spokesperson from the RQC Group.

“Traditionally for employee training, you would have to pay and attend an expensive conference, often factoring in the time and cost of travel and accommodation for your staff too.”

“But with eLearning, this is simplified, you can start, pause, rewind and pick them up as you wish.”

“Our cybersecurity courses range from 45 to 120 mins, making them concise and effective – and there is a Q and A at the end of each to consolidate your learning. Our courses are CPD accredited, which provides your staff with a certificate upon completion.”

Find out more here about cybersecurity courses from the RQC Group.

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