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Essential Steps to Take After Purchasing a Defective Product

by Olufisayo
Defective Product

When purchasing any product, as a consumer, we genuinely trust that the product quality will be on par with general standards while also believing that the product will live up to the manufacturer’s promises. However, this is not always the case.

At the same time, some products fail to live up to promises, other more severe cases in which defective products cause consumers harm. Unfortunately, faulty products are one of the most common reasons small businesses get sued, although several big brands have been sued for the same widespread issue.

Suppose you have purchased a defective product that has caused you harm; you should take these essential steps to seek compensation and ensure the manufacturer is held liable for their blatant negligence.

Consult An Attorney

Consulting an attorney is essential, and you should opt for an expert in product liability and defective product cases. This legal practitioner is often referred to as an accident lawyer and will have expertise within various accident-related legal areas. Hiring an expert attorney will help you determine the value of your defective product case and ensure a positive outcome.

Seek Medical Treatment As Evidence

After enduring any injury or form of harm, you should always seek immediate medical attention. Your medical records will serve as valid evidence that the product in question has caused you harm. Your medical bills must be compensated for the damage that resulted from trusting the manufacturer’s quality.

Provide Your Attorney With Enough Evidence

Your purchase receipt, the product in question, its description, any quality guarantee, and your medical records are all valid evidence in your case. You must provide your accident attorney with as much information as evidence as possible to create a solid defective product case for you. Instead of directly tackling the manufacturer, you should consult your lawyer and allow them to handle the manufacturer and lawsuit process.

Avoid Social Media Posts About The Product

A common and unfortunate mistake that you can make while enduring a defective product lawsuit is posting about it on social media. The manufacturer will be able to use any deformation or derogatory claims posted by you as slander of the brand, and you may have a counterclaim to deal with. Instead, you should avoid posting anything about the lawsuit on social media.

Creating a social media stir could go viral, which also means that internet users will likely have mixed opinions, and some may not be on your side as a result. This exact situation occurred when a woman used Gorilla Glue on her hair, as the product did not warn against this use for the product. Her case was not as straightforward due to endless internet backlash from users who favored the brand.

A defective product lawsuit can be time-consuming, as a thorough investigation into the product and the manufacturer will need to be conducted to prove liability. There are many steps in such lawsuits, which is why you should always rely on a lawyer to handle the case.

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