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Different Rest and Relaxation Techniques for Entrepreneurs

by Olufisayo
Relaxation Techniques for Entrepreneurs

It can be difficult to find time to relax when running an online business, but even the most motivated people need to take ‘chill-out time’ every now and then.  By following these simple techniques, you can gain a better night’s rest and perform more productively in the morning.

Technique #5:  Read Fiction at Night

There is a growing list of the top books all entrepreneurs should read to help improve their businesses, but these should be avoided at night.  A business-related book is the least relaxing item available when trying to get some rest.  Instead, try reading a fiction book in a crime, romance, or even fantasy genre.  Good stories will distract you from the stressful day and help boost creativity levels for the following day.

Technique #4:  Schedule Your Sleep

As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you remain at the top of your game at all times.  If you are even the smallest amount sleep-deprived, the chances are you will not be fully aware of your surroundings or your activities.  This is why scheduling sleep patterns are so important.

The ideal amount of schedule ‘sleep time’ should be ten hours between going to bed and rising to begin work in the morning.  This may seem a long time, but it will ensure that you have enough time for deep sleep and morning rituals. So, get into your Tulo bed or your best firm mattress early enough to make sleep worthwhile.

Technique #3:  Shower like The Scandinavians

While evidence has found that a warm bath at night can induce sleep, some specialists recommended taking a cold shower instead.  As we sleep, the human body temperature drops by approximately one or two degrees; therefore, a cold shower before bed will help speed up the process.

This does not mean you should dive into a cold shower immediately – start the shower on a warm setting and allow it to cool down for the last thirty seconds.  The shock from the cold water will send a rush of endorphins through the body and you will feel as if you are radiating heat from the ‘inside out’.  Believe it or not, this helps relax a body and prepares a person for deep sleep.

Technique #2:  Developing a Post-Work Fitness Routine

Setting up a short workout routine after work is beneficial to clear your head.  If you do not have time to visit a gym, try commuting home using a bicycle or walking.  The goal is to burn off excess cortisol in the body and allow yourself to relax naturally.

Technique #1:  No Smartphone Devices after 10pm

While a smartphone can be considered a lifeline for entrepreneurs, they can be detrimental to one’s sleeping patterns.  Try limiting the number of emails checked and answered to set working hours and leave time free in the evening to unwind without technology.

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