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Digital Transformation in the Workplace

by Olufisayo
Digital Transformation in the Workplace

You may have heard the term Digital Transformation thrown around more and more recently, but what does it actually mean?

Digital Transformation is about the impact of new technologies, its effect on business and the changes businesses must make to transform the workplace, digitally.

Viju explore how businesses are adapting to digital transformation and a few ways your business could too.

Digital Transformation in the Workplace


Digitally transforming your workplace starts with collaboration and unified communications. Before technology made it much easier to collaborate between each other, we’d simply have to phone or use email and have physical meetings, taking up valuable work time. Digitally transforming your workplace to use new collaboration technology allows your business to increase productivity tenfold.

New team devices such as Microsoft Surface Hub and Cisco Spark allow collaboration across multiple levels and globally incorporating video conferencing and content sharing. Integrating these types of new tools with Skype for Business or Cisco UC allows for greater usability and will continue to grow your capability with each update and upgrade.

What Can Your Business Do?

Digital Transformation doesn’t mean that you should rip up your existing network and system right away and start plugging in new technology. There’s a process that’s generally followed to see how new technologies can be integrated into your workplace.

First the pre-decision to try out the new technology in the first place with a pilot test following it straight after. Using one new device in the office in a limited function to test whether this would be a good choice for every department. For example,taking advantage of the recently announced trial period at a small fee on the Microsoft Surface Hub to see how it’ll benefit your workplace and productivity before rolling out across the whole business.

After that is deployment and adoption, phasing it throughout your business and allowing your employees and colleagues to adapt to the technology in their daily work life. It may take some time for everybody to learn the new technology but after a while you’ll be working at twice the rate.

Finally there’s looking into the future, looking for ways to improve upon your current communications strategy. Not being open to adopting new technology can allow your business to stagnate. Always stay a step in front of your competition and at the forefront of the industry by adopting new technologies as they come out.

A real world example of this would be businesses that adopted Microsoft Surface Hub as it got released, they’ve had the advantages of using this technology for up to a year now and can use that experience and usability to gain an advantage.

How Can You Benefit?

The benefits are infinite when it comes to transforming your workplace digitally. Staying stuck in the past and keeping with what’s known is what allows businesses to slowly lose traction and become stagnant in terms of innovation and workflow.

Staying competitive is what moves the company forward and without that it becomes very difficult for you to keep customers and employees. It allows you to deliver a better service or product to your customers if your employees are allowed to collaborate and share on the next level.

As you can see, Digital Transformation is vital to company success and it’s always moving forward. With technology moving forward every day, they’ll always be something on the horizon to look forward to that you could adopt.

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