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Are there any Specific Months or Times When Divorce Rates are High?

by Olufisayo
Divorce Rates

A couple can decide to end their marriage any day, any time, primarily if none of their reconciliation efforts worked. Still, the official process begins only with filing a petition with the court for dissolution of marital status. But do you know divorce rates tend to be higher in some specific months of the year?

While learning about this may look like a crazy thought, knowing certain things doesn’t hurt. Knowing the peak time of divorce can help you plan better for your separation if you have already decided to walk this path. You can start looking for a lawyer and file for divorce quickly to avoid delays.

Do you live in Mesa? The city has many reputed family law firms. So it will take a little time to hire one. Now, let’s find out which parts of the year see the most divorce cases and why.

Holiday season

Festivities begin in November and last through the New Year. This time may be the happiest for everyone as families celebrate. Don’t you expect this to be so? But things rarely happen as per expectations. Some couples find this period more stressful. If there have been differences growing between them, everything, including travel pressure with kids, staying with relatives in unfamiliar spaces, and attending family gatherings, can dent their relationship even more. This season can also reveal how much a person is committed to their spouse and marriage.

It doesn’t mean the couple will file for divorce on Christmas Eve or 2nd January. They may still require more time to decide and prepare for the big step. However, those who are confident of their decision can eventually take concrete steps by May or so. During this time, kids also have summer vacations. Consequently, the couple gets at least some relief in one area.

Summer months

When you consider this season, August is the peak month. Some families may struggle with separating after spending considerable time together. Then, couples with kids may hesitate to ruin their sweethearts’ summer holidays, which usually remain filled with barbecues and pool days. Still, it’s also the best time for charting parenting plans before the next holiday season begins. Some inform that cases rise during August across all the American states, and Arizona is no exception.

Suppose you wonder why this specific month. Some studies indicate that August is arguably the hottest month. Due to heat, people often become angry and violent. And temperament can become a significant issue in a marriage already having a rough patch.

Whether you have been planning for separation or not, you must remember that every relationship goes through a testing phase. If you try everything or there is no hope left in the relationship, quitting can be better. If you want to complete all the legal proceedings concerning divorce without any ugly fights or court visits, you can choose the meditation process also. A family lawyer usually offers a comprehensive range of services in this field. You can approach them for all your problems.

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