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E-learning platforms: A challenger to traditional learning systems

by Olufisayo
E-learning platforms

As a whole, the brick and mortar learning institute will never be replaced. There are some values that can only be imparted in a physical setup. Such values include experiential learning, peer environment, community setup, communication, and interpersonal skills, not to mention the prestige of having physically attended a coveted institution.

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However, when it comes to specialized skill development, e-learning platforms offer several advantages that put them ahead of the traditional systems of learning.

E-learning is still young but it will not be long before it can match, and ever surpass many traditional learning platforms. These are the reasons why…

E-learning platforms

Self Paced Learning

Each student is a unique individual, with their own preferred pace of study and learning speed. E-learning platforms have the flexibility needed to pace their learning to suit their needs. No classroom setup can offer this. Finely tuned e-learning solutions can even suggest additional conceptual and practice material, for those who need it. They can also arrange the lessons into a neat progression of increasing difficulty levels.

Heightened Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of e-learning platforms is that they aloe you to study from your own setup, without having to travel. The time that you save in getting ready for classroom sessions and getting through traffic can, instead, be used for further study and practice.

Flexibility of Timing

Traditional learning systems can only offer learning sessions at fixed times of the day, for fixed lengths of time. E-learning solutions, however, can give you the flexibility of studying whenever you want. It does not matter, whether it is night or day, you can make your own study schedule. This type of flexibility is appreciated by all types of students, but none more so than working professionals.

Economy of Effort

E-learning solutions do require significant upfront investment, to develop the educational literature and technology, but once the product is ready there is a sharp decline in the amount of investment needed. Unlike traditional learning systems, where the educators must put in the same amount of effort for each learning session.


Thanks to the internet, educators can use e-learning systems to take their knowledge across the world. This is a factor that has served to attract an increasing number of high potential educators, who wish to stay ahead of the curve. This will be a great advantage for e-learning systems, going forward, as the quality of any learning system is fundamentally a function of the potential and caliber of its educators.

The Usage of Artificial Intelligence

With the help of machine learning algorithms, EdTech solutions can develop personalized learning solutions that suit the student’s individual learning needs, by identifying patterns in the student’s behavior. This concept may be far from ready, at the moment, but it will not be long before we see the widespread deployment of such artificial intelligence into e-learning systems. This will serve the dual purpose of making them more conducive learning resources and making the deployment of knowledge more efficient.

E-learning platformsAbout the Author: Mayank Srivastava is the Founder of Experts’ Global, one of the world’s leading EdTech firms in the field of GMAT prep and MBA admission consulting.

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