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Ebook Creation and Marketing Ideas for Online Entreprenuers to Make More Money

by Olufisayo
Ebook Creation and Marketing Ideas

In today’s world, bankers and top company salesmen are resigning from their positions to take up online entrepreneurship. They create digital products and set up online websites to funnel targeted traffic to their contents. They explore digital strategies using multimedia solutions to attract repeat customers and skyrocket sales. But no serious entreprenuer would do all these without creating ebooks as one of the major marketing ideas to make money online.

The benefits of creating ebooks for digital marketing purposes are immense. Some of them are as follows:

  • To build an email list
  • To sell yourself as an expert or authority figure in your given business niche
  • To build credibility and authority with books listed on Amazon
  • To generate stable money through content monetization
  • To drive traffic from various internet sources
  • To curate desired content and repurpose published materials
  • To increase leads by creating a lead magnet

Ebook Creation and Marketing Ideas

Whatever your marketing ideas are as an online entrepreneur, you must have a way to create quality ebooks that get the job done. There are various ebook creation tools online, but they do not serve the same purpose; and the processes for creating ebooks differ from one digital platform to the other. One of such is Designrr, a software application developed by PageOneTraffic for all levels of online entrepreneurs.

Designrr will help design your ebook and even function as lead magnets for traffic conversion among other things. With the Designrr online tool, internet marketers are spared the necessary troubles of writing web content and getting an ebook formatted and designed. With up to 10,000 dedicated users, using Designrr for ebook creation comes in four easy steps:

  • Grab the url of your desired website pages
  • Choose from over 200 design templates that could be customized to suit your peculiar needs
  • Tweak and tune your ebook design with free images and fonts
  • Publish with a click to create a PDF ebook that could be downloaded or uploaded

Created by software entreprenuer Paul Clifford, Designrr automatically pulls content from any webpage and appropriately formats them into an ebook file – removing sidebars, social icons, advert, and other navigation clutter to give you a perfectly clean PDF document. Designrr will help design your ebook and help you leverage your reach and traffic.

Marketing ideas for your ebook come in various forms and may include giving away your ebooks for free to win visitors’ emails for subsequent campaigns. You may also have to create banner ads on your blog or website as well as create a dedicated landing page that potential customers can be directed to. Guest-posting on major websites with links back to your ebook will also help you to make money, while directly pushing it to your email list will go a long way to help you realize your marketing objectives. You are free to explore other marketing ideas to boost your ebook creation and sales, and vice-versa.

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