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How to Make Your Event “Green” With Eco-Friendly Badges

by Olufisayo
Eco-Friendly Badges

Events that are “green” have become the latest trend for many individuals and organisations. If you are planning to make take this direction with your event, then there are many ways to make it successful. One of them is through the use of eco-friendly custom-made badges. In the next part of this publication, we will guide you on how to achieve this.

These tips are derived after thorough research and consultation with reputable event managers. Without further ado, let us go through them.

Choosing the Event Location

Now that we are discussing eco-friendly badges, most will wonder what the relationship between them and the event is. But one crucial decision that you can make when going “green” with events is the location. A location that is already green will give you the idea of the badges to design as we will discuss below. If the two do not complement each other, then something will look wrong.

Designing the Badges

Now that you have a venue that is environmentally friendly that evaluates and reduces its impact on the planet, such as using renewable energy and ensuring that event waste is recycled, you can design badges that will go well with this. When there is an option of choosing the badge design, it is better to choose natural shapes like insects, butterflies, leaves, or one that tells people to recycle materials and preserve nature.

When choosing the color, badges that are eco-friendly are mostly green in color. You may add the theme colors of the event, but it is essential to maintain a color that is associated with the environment.

Choosing the Message

Of course, the main essence of the badges is to display the names of the event’s attendees. But now that you need them to promote the environment, there should be a simple message. Make it visible when they are finally printed by experts like Rocket badge experts. If the badge is too small to carry the message, there are other ways to communicate the idea like the design and color.

Choosing the Material of the Badges

Event badges that will promote environmental friendliness require some specific materials. The first consideration to make is to ensure that both the badges and lanyards are not harmful to the user’s skin. On top of this, use materials that do not emit harmful substances to the environment. In many cases, recycled materials are used is an indication that your event has some care for the environment. Recycled materials that are biodegradable remain the best in this case.


When printing your event name badges or any others, use companies that observe environmental preservation through the colors they use and how they manage their waste. If the company is known to have a good reputation, then you should allow them to print their company name on the back of the badges. This will be a mutual benefit to your event and the printing company.

These insights are crucial for any event owner or manager as they show how one can go “green” with eco-friendly badges. Apart from the badges themselves, it is obvious that other factors also play a part.

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