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Providing Quality E-Commerce Service During the Pandemic

by Olufisayo
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The global health crisis has changed our lives for the past year. Individuals needed to adjust their lifestyles according to quarantine protocols. Thus, many companies needed to shift to digital means as well. For some, the shift to e-commerce is not an easy task.

Even with a digital solution to the physical trading problem, companies need to remember the essential aspect of maintaining a business. To retain the same loyal customers and to attract new ones, having quality customer service is important.

How can you provide the same quality customer service or more during this difficult time?

Dealing with Digital

Before you start your business’ big shift to digital, you need to keep in mind the essentials in starting an e-commerce business. What are the things that you need to keep your business running smoothly?

First, we need to talk about smooth transactions. When you get a third-party logistics service, make sure you also have a good and efficient returns management system. Having efficient third-party logistics (3PL) returns is important in keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your goods and services.

Next is you need to invest in online marketing. Digital marketing is important for different types of businesses, whether for physical stores or for e-commerce. Nowadays, given the shift to e-commerce of many businesses, the importance of digital marketing is emphasized further.

If you are to establish a website or an online platform for your business, get design experts to help you out. 38% of customers tend to stop engaging with a non-attractive platform layout. Avoid repelling potential customers by hiring a good design professional to help you out.

These are some essentials you need to prioritize when setting up or shifting your business to e-commerce. All of this boils down to establishing good customer service. How do you treat your customers before and during the pandemic?

Managing Customer Relations

Your customers are the most important part of your business because, without their support, your business will not be a success. This is why it is important to take care of your relationship with your customers to meet your business goals and to satisfy the needs of your clients. How can you achieve this?

To connect with your customers, you can consider setting up a blog. A soft-sell approach can be a refreshing take to the usual hard-sell approach of businesses. You can achieve a soft-sell approach through a blog.

Although setting up a blog is a good addition to your marketing tactics, this entails that you will have added responsibility in terms of online media management. A stale and neglected blog will have a negative impact on your sales.

Increase customer engagement on your social media platforms by giving them a voice. Listen to your customers’ reviews and comments and make them feel heard. This can increase your social media presence and credibility.

The bottom line is to make your customers feel seen and valued. Customer service means you care more about their needs and well-being above your own business goals. You need to make your customers feel like a part of your family. Doing so will help increase brand loyalty and will attract new prospective customers.

Online Marketing Tips

Since e-commerce is primarily reliant on digital means, it is important to put emphasis on your digital marketing strategy. This digital tactic will either make or break your online presence, so it is best to put in a lot of effort in making it effective. What are some tips that you could use to boost your online presence for e-commerce success?

You should consider using email marketing to connect to your customers. In doing email marketing, let your customers know how your goods and services will be of good use to them during this difficult time. Explain how your business can help them cope with the current situation. Share extra media such as games, products, and other ideas that complement your goods and services. This will keep your customers engaged with your business.

During this pandemic, another important thing to consider when going into digital marketing is to make a positive impact on your consumers by providing positive content and entertaining posts. These will help them cope with the current situation. You can also provide useful information to position your social media presence as a helpful brand.

This global health crisis has gotten many of us confused and lost in all the protocols and the big shift to virtual means of doing everyday things such as meeting our friends and family. The situation may have left some of us disoriented. This provides brands an opportunity to be a helping hand to their customers.

Customer service is of great value nowadays. The quality of your service may make or break your online business. Make sure to put in time and effort in establishing strong connections and relationships with your customers.

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