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Educated Decisions – Why Business Intelligence is So Important For New Companies

by Olufisayo
Why Business Intelligence is So Important For New Companies

Business Intelligence is without a doubt one of the terms that seems to be buzzing around in the modern business landscape as of late. With all the buzz around Business Intelligence, have you ever caught yourself pondering over whether you may need a Business Intelligence system for your own company or venture?

The simple answer to this is yes. There are so many benefits that one can reap from business intelligence, and in today’s article we have listed for you the top 5 most obvious benefits of implementing a Business Intelligence software in your business.

Why Business Intelligence is So Important For New Companies

  1. Remove The Guesswork Entirely

When it comes to running a business, there is no room for gambling. When it comes to the future and success of your company, Business Intelligence along with competitive intelligence is key.

Business Intelligence offers you and your company accurate data, real-time updates, trending stats, as well as forecasting means and also helps you better prepare yourself for future what-if scenarios. Remove the risky guesswork and replace it with analytics-based decision making.

  1. Helps You Develop Efficiency

Many businesses, unfortunately, spend a lot of valuable time and effort sorting through various banks of data from multiple sources in a bid to gain deeper understanding of their business. Whilst this is an effective way of gaining further knowledge of one’s business, it is not an efficient way of doing so.

With a Business Intelligence system in place, all the data that you need will come from one reliable source, and can also be accessed from a single dashboard, saving you time and money whilst turning your business into an efficient, well oiled machine.

  1. The Past, Present, the Future

One, if not the biggest strengths of implementing a Business Intelligence system is how it allows you to know not just your current business statistics, but also statistics from a given period of time. Information that you can access can range from what product was sold over a time period, how many of it was sold, which location and also which of your customer representatives sold it.

This data can then be utilised to your advantage. Complete analysis of your customer behaviour can also help the future of your business.

  1. Find Out The Real Costs

With a Business Intelligence system in place, you will have deeper insight into the actual manufacturing costs of your company, down to the very last cent. With this data at your fingertips, you are equipped with the ability to make changes in production that will help raise your profit margins.

Traditionally, you would have to spend days if not weeks sorting through manufacturing costs, but with a Business Intelligence system in place, all the work is done for you, making your life that much easier.

  1.     Fast Responses to Business Related Enquiries

Last but not least, another fantastic benefit of a Business Intelligence system is that you are able to get instant, immediate answers to many of your business queries. With faster results, you are able to make faster decisions as well, going back to the point of increased efficiency.

Instead of going through pages and pages of written reports and files that will most likely take you hours to sort through, you will be able to access answers in record speed, and at the tip of your finger.


We hope that these 5 pointers on how valuable a Business Intelligence system can be to your business gives you all the information and motivation that you need to go forth and take the plunge into the world of BI. We are certain that with BI in place, you will be able to bring your business or company to the next level.

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