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Managing the Dosage and Effects of Cannabis Edibles

by Olufisayo
Effects of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are food items that have been infused with the main properties of the cannabis or marijuana plant. The main compounds in the cannabis plant are THC and CBD.

Does CBD get you high? When you smoke marijuana, you get high because of the psychoactive compound THC; but the CBD is helpful for medical treatment purposes and does not make you high when you smoke marijuana or consume cannabis edibles.

With the legalization of cannabis across most US states, you can grow your own cannabis plant at home using the Octopot system (http://www.octopot.com/), or buy cannabis products from licensed stores. And in case you live in a state where recreational or even medical marijuana is not approved yet, you can still visit this website to make discreet purchases online and get it clandestinely delivered to your doorstep.

Although the Farm Bill of 2018 allows the purchase of cannabis edibles or tinctures containing only CBD but not THC.

Some of the cannabis edibles that you can purchase are brownies, cookies, chocolate, cannabutter, marshmallows, beef jerky, candies, truffles, beverages, and gummies among others.

The taste, flavour, and potency of these products differ from products to products and from manufacturer to manufacturer because of the various infusion process used and the effects that the producer wants to achieve after they are consumed.

Due to this fact, it is not wise to assume that you can only get high smoking weed and not by eating weed-infused products.

In fact, a website of the US Drug Enforcement and Administration (DEA) agency reveals that there is always the risk of overdose from consuming marijuana edibles, because according to them, eating marijuana could be more dangerous than smoking marijuana.

This fact goes to show that it is important to know the amount of THC in any cannabis product such as gummies or chocolates before eating them to avoid overdosing.

The attractive packaging of cannabis promotions edibles (for instance, see http://cannabispromotions.com/) make people to think they can consume as many edibles as they like, but this is not true and it is not safe to do so.

It is possible for THC to interact to other medications in the body, increasing the levels of the compound in the bloodstream to a dangerous level. So it is advisable to stay away from cannabis edibles if you are on doctor prescriptions unless of course your doctor says the edible cannot interact with your medications.

In cases where people overdose on cannabis products by ingesting them orally, they can experience certain unpleasant side-effects which include hallucinations, paranoia, panic attacks, impaired motor ability, and psychotic episodes among others.

The bottomline is that cannabis edibles are great and attractive and effectual, but they can be as potent as smoking weed so it is better you eat them with restraints and not overdose on them.

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