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Get Connected With Business Partners and Staff through Enterprise Wearables

by Olufisayo
Enterprise Wearables

Almost anyone can get connected with people everywhere with internet-enabled smartphones. With computers and smartphones, the social life of people everywhere has improved dramatically; likewise their work life. But more can be done with enterprise wearables.

Whether you are a construction supervisor or a remote worker, you can get connected with people everywhere with your hands free to get immediate tasks done. An enterprise wearable enables you to free your hands for other tasks while collaborating with remote staff on related work.

As a building worker who specialises in paladin for roof, you can design the best temporary bridge rental to use while using enterprise wearables to discuss job details with others.

As a calibration expert, you can run instrument calibration services for customers while using iot wearables. So long you desire to free your hands for other things while collaborating with distant workers on a given project, then you must think of a dedicated enterprise wearable device.

Enterprise Wearables

Types of Wearable Technologies with Hands-Free Capabilities

It is often essential that workers who are remotely connected over a given project free their hands for other tasks. The best hands-free solutions come in the form of wearables which run on dedicated platforms for maximum performance. To this extent, there is the Onsight Augmented Reality Service Collaboration Platform which includes the –

  • Onsight Flow
  • Onsight Cube-Ex
  • Onsight Workspace
  • Onsight Cube-R
  • Onsight Connect
  • Onsight Hub
  • Onsight Management, etc.

Many of these project collaboration solutions run on enterprise wearable devices that include smartglasses, smartwatches and head-mounted tablets technologies. Using Flow and Connect for instance, workers who are distances apart can collaborate on specified jobs and even share live visuals, talk and analyse feedback on the screen, and even control individual engagements remotely – with hands free throughout the process for other related tasks. Some other digital solutions can be used to record or transmit video and pictures as well as share thermal imaging of ongoing jobs.

Enterprise Wearables Save Time and Costs for Business Solutions

It cannot be stressed enough that it is important that businesses collaborate digitally across board for improved efficiency. The best digital technologies are wearable devices that can be used to share live feeds, transmit analytical data, display videos and photos, as well as issue instructions to remote partners. All these are best done with the hands freed for other things. And where instructions must be relayed to workers at a far distance away, it is best down with visuals shared over a collaboration wearable device.

Many of these collaboration job technologies are affordable and cheap to set up. Once installed, they do not require ongoing costs to maintain and they increase work efficiency and speed. In the long run, businesses save time and costs with these technologies and this is the more reason why workers and partners must get connected in real-time with enterprise wearable technologies.

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